Tuesday, July 6, 2010

a fun Fourth

My weekend ended up being a bit of a headache, thanks to an ongoing Bemidji issue I won't get into here. I ended up working on my day off (Friday) and working about twice as many hours as I anticipated on Saturday and Monday.

So my Sunday was the highlight of my weekend.

Lola proved how cooperative she is for her daddy, who was going to let me sleep in Sunday. But Lola slept until 10:30 a.m. so we both got some extra snoozing in! She has done this before - usually once every 3-4 months - but you forget how wonderful the extra sleep is until it happens.

And for the Fourth of July, it was great timing.

Lola and I left Ray at home to do some work on the house while we met up with my friend Laurie for some food and the parade. (I had been worried that she wouldn't make the 1 p.m. parade because of her typical 11 a.m. naptime...)

She had a pretty good afternoon!

While waiting for the parade to start, Lola enjoyed her first corn dog:

We were surrounded by families with mostly boys on either side of us. The boys would take off running down the empty street and their family members would run after them, trying to keep them in place. At one point an exasperated mom looked at her son, maybe about 4, and said, "Why can't you just stand still and look pretty like her?" (She was talking about my Lola, who wouldn't leave my side.)

Of course, Lola then knew everyone was looking at her, especially the boys.

So what does she do? Yeah, she starts showing off her belly. Sigh. (Seriously, she did this about 8-9 times before I convinced her to keep her shirt down.)

Then the parade got started.

It started with a clown, so we got off on a bad foot. Lola was terrified. Then, the sirens started, which scared her even more.

So I put her in her stroller, where she felt safe.

And then she started to take it all in.

She was especially impressed with the Bemidji High School marching bad, which had some dancers and such. It really was a cool show.

Afterward, Lola went down for a nap.

And, later, after Ray finished the easier of the two weekend projects, I convinced him to take some time off for the carnival and fireworks.

Lola took a few carousel rides. She would see the Marry-Go-Round from a ways away and holler for a "horsey ride" - but refused to even sit on a horse. So Mom and Dad kept her in our laps on the non-moving sleds.

She loved it.

(Photos are terrible, sorry. Our point-and-shoot doesn't really do great with action. And, yes, a carousel ride count as action shots.)

Then, we took her on the train. (A little fun ride that offers a slow-moving train ride around the Lake Bemidji waterfront area.)

And then we got settled for the fireworks.

We waited a bit.

And, then, seeing Lola get a bit restless, we thought some sugar (i.e. cotton candy) would help settle her down?!

And, of course, she got a new toy! Which was a great idea until she started hitting people in the head with it.

Then the big show started!

Now, let's be honest here, I had no idea what to expect. I figured the big "booms" would be frightening, but she would get over them and then ooh and ahh at the pretty colors.

Need a closeup?

She was scared of the booms for perhaps 4-5 fireworks. Then she just got bored.

At no point did she care about the pretty colors. About 10 minutes into the show, she looked at us and said "All done. Go home."

We didn't leave. But Lola never really got into it.

So we pledged to really get her attention!

Yep, we took out the sparklers!

Lola, of course, was totally impressed.

No, we never let her have one, which meant that she quickly lost interest in those, too.

And then it was off to bed, at about 11:15 p.m.

It was such a wonderful day. So many smiles and laughs and hugs and first experiences.

- Bethany :)

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Loved these pics..and the story!