Saturday, July 24, 2010

growing up

Lola has certainly become her own person lately. She is confident and rebellious and brilliant and funny and ... exhausting.

She's wonderful.

Lately her favorite thing to do is to follow you around and ask, "What are you doing?" She hasn't quite captured that "why" question, but it won't be long.

Yesterday, she and I had a fabulous day together at home. We went grocery shopping, made cookies and I even made dinner for Ray (for the third time in our marriage).

One the reasons yesterday went so well is that I'm learning (albeit sometimes reluctantly) to let her help. This is apparently the secret to a happy Lola.

I was making stuffed pasta shells, so the shells were, of course, on the highest shelf at the grocery store, pushed back to the point they were completely unreachable.

Enter Super Toddler.

With a big boost from Mommy, Lola was able to flail around a bit until she pushed one box forward and brought it down with a triumphant smile. Too cute. And actually helpful.


She's certainly still Miss Independent and wants to do everything herself (such as dressing herself and pouring her own juice). But even though she might only be able to get something done correctly one time out of fifteen, her grin is widest when she accomplishes it without assistance, "I did it!"

She also is testing her limits. I let her play with the alphabet magnet things yesterday (I took them away a few months ago because she found it more fun to push them all under the refrigerator) while I was making dinner. And I watched as she placed about 12-15 on the fridge, sliding them around. And then I heard a giggle and turned around to see her, again, pushing them all under the fridge.


If I tell her not to hit, she lightly pats you on the arm, increasing the pressure to figure out, exactly, at what point does tapping become hitting. Or if I tell her not to put her feet on the kitchen table, she'll hold a foot above the table and very slowly lower it to see how close she can get.

So she keeps us on our toes.

All in all, things are well up here. We're busy at work and home, as the projects don't seem to be slowing down any time soon.

Have a great weekend!
- Bethany

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