Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Because, sometimes, you just need a large pumpkin

Sometimes, Ray's excitement gets him into trouble. Last year, while we were living in the apartment, he mentioned to his buddies at work that he had bought some giant pumpkin seeds and was going to grow them in his garden. As luck would have it, his boss mentioned that he used to have giant pumpkin-growing contests with his brothers when he was younger.

And an annual competition was born (seriously, the office has developed official rules and a trophy and everything).

Ray, of course, lost last year. While we were fortunate to have space for a vegetable garden, there wasn't really a ton of space for giant pumpkins. He got a pumpkin, but it wasn't really all that huge.

This year, he's gone all out.

The above picture was taken on Saturday and the pumpkin has since gotten much bigger. I won't post any updated pictures in fear of lurking competitors (ha, I'm kidding ... mostly) but let's just say Ray is feeling pretty good this fall.

Here is how this year's vegetable garden has, well, turned into a pumpkin patch:

And here is Lola ... just because she's cute!

(Ray calls her "Hollywood" when she struts around in her shades.)

- Bethany :)


Laurie said...

good luck in the pumpkin wars!

mk said...

That is so cool! Hope Ray wins!