Tuesday, August 31, 2010

ch- ch- ch -changes!

About two months ago, we bought Lola a new fan:

Look closely (I know the photo is not great) and you'll see that each fan blade is a different color: red, "purple" (really, looks pink), blue, green, yellow and orange.

Know where this is going yet?! * wink *

Well, in the middle of our less-than-stellar August, Ray and I decided to have some couple bonding time by doing the house project that has been nagging at us since we moved in: Lola's room.

It was so hard for us to have her go from this (at the old apartment):

To this (at the house):

So it was time to get started.

About a month ago, we went to Home Depot. I can't remember what we needed that day. But as walked in, Ray looked at me and said, "Hey, why don't start Lola's room today?"

We already knew what we wanted to do - we wanted to paint each of Lola's walls (she has six) one of the colors of the fan blades. So she basically would have Crayola's dream room.

Luckily for us, we happened to have bought the fan from Home Depot. So we took grabbed another one form the shelf and brought it to the paint section, asking ever so nicely if the kind employee could color match each blade.

Then we got started.

Lola slept in the Pack n' Play in our bedroom for about three nights while we worked. She loved it the first night, was mad the second night and hated it the third night. By the fourth night, it was an all-out battle to get her into the Pack n' Play. (Imagine trying to stuff an octopus into a pickle jar.)

Every morning, though, she ran to her closed door and asked to see her "pretty room."

And she would color on the walls (I will explain, hang on) and gently touch each wall, calling out its color: "Green!" "Red!" "Blue!" (OK, more often than not, she had the wrong color, but, hey, she was trying!)

We gave her six brightly painted walls and two chalkboards (made with chalkboard paint). She loves it. Absolutely loves it.

Of course, we are still FAR from done. Many touch-ups are needed, the decorations are not all set - and the carpet will be replaced sometime, hopefully, soon.

Not to mention that we haven't even bought the paint for the focal point of the room...

But here are some sneak peeks in the meantime:

Once the touch-up work is complete and the decorations are finished, we (and by we, I mean Ray, since he's the artistic one in the family) move on to the fun Stage 2. Which is where Ray spells out Lola's name in a whole new way.

I'm so excited!

- Bethany :)

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michellerose14 said...

Lola has the coolest room!!!