Monday, August 2, 2010


Every family has its own special place, I think. For some it might be the North Shore or Disney World, but for us, it has always been Itasca State Park. It's where I saw my first bear (actually, we saw three bears that day: we saw a momma bear and two cubs) and where we have gone to celebrate special occasions (for instance, we went there the day we found out we were expecting Lola).

On Saturday, we went back. Ray's parents were in town and we all went to celebrate a pair of birthdays (Ray's and his mom's).

It was a gorgeous, wonderful day.

We went, in part, to take a ride on the ferry. But, first, we had a few free minutes, so we let Lola do what Lola loves best in the world: swing.

Just look at her smile!

While waiting to board, Ray took Lola around to see the lakeshore...

And then we got on the boat.

The boat trip was certainly memorable! It ended up being a little more than two hours, so Lola got a little restless toward the end. It also was over her usual nap time, but all in all, she did pretty well. (Hey, at least there wasn't any screaming!)

Lola and her grandfather played on the benches a bit after getting off the boat...

And then we all went and had a bite to eat at the Lodge, where Lola chugged down two glasses of chocolate milk and passed on the macaroni and cheese.

And while everyone else finished their food, Lola and I went outside and sat by the big trees. I love the trees at Itasca; they're my favorites.

Even though it was just about 2 p.m., Lola was still doing pretty good without a nap, so we pushed our luck a bit more and went to the Headwaters. (I mean what trip to Itasca is complete without at least seeing the Headwaters...)

It was pretty darn warm by then, too, so we all were pretty thankful for the chance to soak our feet.

And Lola loved it!

This is one of my favorites - since she is right there at the Headwaters - but it's so hard to pick a favorite picture, I think...

Eventually, we decided to just strip her down and let her really have some fun. (Plus the idea of having her sit in wet clothes in the car on the drive back home just didn't sound enjoyable at all...)

And one last one...

This shot makes me smile.

Really, the whole day was full of smiles. It was a fun afternoon.
- Bethany :)

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