Wednesday, September 22, 2010

"my" time

I went to my first belly-dancing class last night.

I am not a dancer. Never have been, don't particularly enjoy it. But a friend of mine and I saw a belly-dancing demonstration a few weeks ago and talked about how it would be way out of our comfort zones - but didn't it kind of, at least a little bit, look like fun?

Before we knew it, we were signed up.

And walking, tentatively, into an elementary school gymnasium last night, tying scarves around our waists, kicking off our tennis shoes and walking in socked feet.

Nervous giggles.

Then class begins. And ends, 96 minutes later.

And I absolutely LOVED it.

Now I want to buy one of the scarves that have the bangles!

- Bethany :)

1 comment:

mk said...

Auntie Roe would be so proud! Sounds super fun, wish I lived closer I would go too!