Monday, October 4, 2010

So how was YOUR weekend?!

“First off, Lola is fine, so don’t panic.”

This was how Ray greeted me when he called me Saturday. I was working. He was (supposedly) home with Lola.

We had decided – smartly, I think – to paint the master bedroom this weekend. We (finally) ordered the carpet for the basement and included new carpet for two of the bedrooms upstairs. (The third “extra” bedroom, the office, has old wood floors that we haven’t decided what to do with yet.) And it would probably make more sense to paint while the carpet that is in there can be ruined and wrecked.

So long story short, Ray had taken Lola to home Depot to buy paint. Afterward, they stopped for lunch. And he let her sit in a booster seat. Lola wiggled around and ended up falling, hitting her head on the table and then the floor. Poor thing.

She ended up with a rather impressive blue bump on her forehead.

Poor thing. And this time I mean Ray. He beat himself up about it all day Saturday.

She was fine – just a little shook up.

So later that afternoon I decided to give Ray a little break (and let him paint!). A friend of mine and I took Lola to see a visiting show. It was sponsored by the local early childhood education people. And I really thought Lola would enjoy it.


We lasted 2 minutes.

I didn’t realize that it was more than just a sing-along thing. I should have researched better… But the show features full-sized characters. As soon as the first friend – presented in a bear costume - walked out and started high-fiving and dancing, Lola had a M.E.L.T.D.O.W.N. She jumped into my chest and screamed to get out of there. We left. Quickly.

And apparently it traumatized her. Ever since, she keeps saying, “No scary bear, Mommy. OK? No scary bear.”

So … any guesses as to how Halloween might go?!

- Bethany :)

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