Monday, November 29, 2010

Bedtime battles

“I miss the crib.”

These were Ray’s words today when he called me during Lola’s naptime (he is home today).

Lola has a habit: being very, very, very quiet during bedtime – but avoiding actually going to sleep.

We noticed things were changing a few weeks ago. We used to put her in bed and, bang, she was asleep. Then, we noticed that she would quietly get out of bed, get a toy and then get back into bed and go to sleep.

Now? Well, she goes and gets a baby doll, the baby doll’s stroller, the tea set and a few puzzles. Occasionally, she gets a few books or her little singing dog toy. She might even decide to open the toy box and take everything out. You just never know.

One day I found that she went into her closet (which I apparently forgot to close), opened her diaper rash cream and smeared it all over the (new!) carpet.

Another time, she opened her ponytail bands container and dumped them all out. (I know this does not sound like a big deal, but picture the clear – invisible – itty bitty rubber bands used in braces. They are like that. Hundreds and hundreds of barely colored bands. It took me days to find them all. And I am still finding new ones.)

But the thing is, she is being quiet. So quiet you can't even hear her making noise. I did find that one of the advantages of our older homes i the the doors are all 2 inches above the floor - so if I lay down flat and per under the door I can see Lola, in bed, quietly playing or (supposedly) trying to go to bed.

Anyhow, things have been less than stellar at bedtime. And Ray’s patience whas quickly been thinning. So last night, after hearing her playing quietly for more than an hour after we had put her to bed, he took the baby doll and stroller away – her most favorite toys. And she cried. But she went to sleep.

He reported, though, today, that at naptime he had to take away the doll, the stroller, the baby bottle, the tea set and a few random stuffed animals.

I think he is considering throwing all of her toys into the closet and locking the doors at bedtimes.

Fun times. Sigh.

The nice thing about it all, though, is that it works in the morning time too. She lets us sleep! Today, we woke up late-ish and Ray went to check on Lola, finding her playing quietly on her bedroom floor. Who knows how long she was up?!


We had a nice Thanksgiving, albeit a quiet one. I worked that day and Saturday, so we had a strange combination of days off. But it worked out. Ray prepared a fabulous dinner for the three of us – Lola loved it (especially the turkey skin) – and then we spent Friday shopping and buying and decorating our Christmas tree.


A first: Yesterday, we went grocery shopping and I could kind of hear Lola very softly signing her ABCs. She does this quite a bit sometimes, just softly trying to see if she can remember the words to certain songs or something.

I didn’t think anything of it until I realized that I was mentally singing along with her – and she hadn’t missed a single letter.

Sure enough, she sang them a few more times and did them completely (if you excuse “double” for W and “egg” for X).

So proud.

(And that goes for Lola, too. She just beamed, knowing she had done it.)

- Bethany :)

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