Monday, November 15, 2010

fun, messy days

No one was really thrilled with the idea of leaving the house on Sunday, we we all stayed in and Lola and I marked my latest birthday with a lot of messes.

I try not to be super obsessive about having a clean house, but, yeah, it certainly does (usually) factor into what we do at home. But on Sunday, I decided my birthday present for myself was for Lola to just have a day to do whatever sounded fun at the time.

So I took out the (washable) markers, which does not happen too often (just always seems so much safer to use crayons). But figured a cold, wet day was as good as any other to let her color all over some paper, the table and, yes, even herself.

She then decided to make just one more pretty picture, but did so in a new way.

(Yes, I'm thinking finger paints might be a good idea for Christmas...)


After coloring for a bit, Lola was still in a crafty kind of mood. So we decided to find some playdo. The problem was, though, that we don't have any. So we had to make our own, which ended up being half the fun anyways.

She and I played with the playdo for a couple of hours. First in little clumps. Then we took out the cookie cutters.


While lots of you "southerners" got inches and inches (if not a foot of snow), we did get a very light dusting, but, mostly, it all missed us.

It certainly wasn't Lola's first snowfall, but it was as if she was experiencing it for the first time all over again. She didn't know what to think.

My parents were in town for the weekend, so she went outside with her daddy, grandpa and her favorite little doggy, Roma.

Lola was NOT impressed with the sled. But she was intrigued by the snow.

Whether she still loves it six months from now remains to be seen...
- Bethany :)

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