Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Lola's first Halloween

I was not even really going to push Halloween this year. Lola, our shy and introverted little girl, is not ready for trick-or-treating or Halloween parties.

So I figured the Wesleys would do what the Wesleys have always done: ignore Halloween completely.

Sure, in the past, we have maybe carved a pumpkin and put Lola in a T-shirt or in Halloween orange. But we've avoided the infant costumes in the past.

But about two or three months ago, I took Lola to the mall. And we walked into Herberger's and Lola shrieked, pointing at a rack of Halloween costumes.

"Mommy! Bug! Mommy! Bug!"

She had spotted a ladybug outfit.

This is the same 2-year-old who goes to bed every night with a cute ladybug light-up night light toy and a plush ladybug animal.

Ladybugs are it. (This year anyway.)

So, she got a ladybug outfit.

And it has been hanging in her closet for a month or so now.

And Sunday ... she finally got to put it on.

Lola danced. She was so happy.

Then I brought her to the mirror, where she noticed for the first time that the hood on her costume had little bug ears, too.

Of course, we still had to get out of the house. Lola would not have handled trick-or-treaters very well. So we went to my dad's for the evening. He lives in the country, so his house is more or less ignored on Halloween, too. It worked well.

All in all, it was a pleasant Halloween.


Ray did end up carving one of the two remaining biggee pumpkins. This was the largest - 126 pounds. It was thicker than he was prepared for, about 4-5 inches thick. I think he only broke one knife carving it, though. Success.


Lola also got to dress up a bit the night before Halloween. She wore her new favorite jammies (because they come with a tutu, of course).

But something was missing...

Yep, shiny sparkly shoes.

She is so her mother's daughter.

Happy Election Day.
- Bethany :)

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mk said...

Everytime I read this blog, I smile! Such a doll!