Tuesday, November 16, 2010

You know you're an English geek when...

... you find yourself playing word games with your child's name.

I realized something today, thanks to a mistype in a text to my husband. My daughter's name - Lola - is one character off from the commonly used texting/e-mail phrase LOL. It made me smile.

Which made me think of "Mad About You," an old favorite sitcom. When the couple, Jaime and Paul, have a daughter, they struggle with giving her a name. And in that episode Jaime's mother is always offering advice in the terms of acronyms. I can't now remember what they were, but they were about remembering bottles and other baby supplies and such. Anyhow, she tells Jaime at one point that "mothers always bring extra love" and Jaime thinks it is supposed to be an acronym (it wasn't), but realized it spelled, Mabel. And that is what they named their daughter.

A long story, I know, to basically point out that Lola could be an acronym for a whole bunch of sayings, so I've been playing with some day.

It's been a fun game so far this morning.
- Bethany :)

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Laurie Swenson said...

Laugh out loud @
Laugh often, live always
Love often, live always
Little once, loved always
Little ones love amazingly
and Let only love answer