Tuesday, December 14, 2010

fun family times

How many activities can you pack into four-plus days?

I'm still exhausted from this past week's trip to the Cities. But we all had lots of fun, I think.

We got into town Wednesday evening, spending a relaxing night with Ray's parents for dinner and my parents just visiting and getting settled.

And Thursday, the events started ... and they didn't stop until we got in the car Sunday to head home.

Thursday morning, us Wesleys met with Grandma and Grandpa Wesley and Auntie Wendy to visit Como Zoo, where we were very pleased to spend time walking alongside some greenery in the conservatory and then visiting as many animals as we could.

Lola's favorites were, by far, the seals and the giraffes. She was terrified of the 500-pound gorilla, who had the audacity to take a few steps in her direction. She liked the tigers and the monkeys, but she kept wanting to return to watch the seals some more.

Unfortunately, we could not see the polar bears' new exhibit, but their building still had plenty of other things to see - and touch.

We said goodbye to the Wesleys and Lola's daddy just after noon or so. Ray went to meet some friends for a couple of days (and win some poker dollars).

Lola and I then joined up with Grandma Evans, spending the rest of Thursday getting some Christmas photos taken and going to the local mall for some rides.

Lola has been asking to ride "Blacky," on the big carousel since she heard we were going to visit Grandma. She loves the horsey rides. A lot.

And now the mall also has a little train ride, so she and I tried that out, too.

Friday, us three girls went to the Mall of America in the morning, where Lola was completely impressed by the the sights and sounds. She was a little intimidated of Nickelodeon Universe, though she liked to watch the activity. She, especially, was impressed by the big Dora and Boots forms, which were visible from the third floor when we stopped for lunch.

Friday evening, Grandpa Dave met us all at home and we made our annual visit to downtown Macy's to visit the eighth floor.

She was absolutely mesmerized by the display.

Now if only Macy's was willing to, you know, change the display every couple of years... But that is a rant for another day.

Saturday, we just spend the morning at my parents' place until the afternoon, when we left to head to our first Christmas celebration.

We drove in this for 2.5 hours.

And I use the term "drove" very loosely. We mostly sat in place and waited.

But we made it to my brother's house, and enjoyed an evening of food, fun and, yes, a few presents.

Lola loves her new paint set.

She wouldn't even let Ray sit next to her in fear that he would try to "help" or have some painting fun himself.

Too cute.


So we've been busy! And we did so much more - like visiting friends and meeting new babies. It was, really, a great weekend.

But an exhausting one.

- Bethany :)

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mk said...

It was a fun packed weekend! I am so lonely now...but will see you soon (if snowstorms stay away!).