Wednesday, December 22, 2010

random thoughts

Right about the time Ray and I got married, or shortly thereafter, I would wonder what it would be like if I could just see - just for a minute - what life would be like five years in the future. Not that we weren’t happy and all that (well, actually, the first year of marriage, for us, was hell-ish), but we had our little quirks and problems and I just wanted to know if they turned out well.

In retrospect, we did just fine. I’m not sure how I would have handled the whole seeing us in Bemidji part of the equation, but once I caught even a glimpse of little Lola, I would be sold.

And packing my bags.

Roughly twelve months ago I wrote that I was not crazy in love with the idea of moving on to 2010 … 2009 had, overall, been a really great year for us.

And in retrospect?

That’s harder to say.

We’ve had a wonderful year on so many levels – Lola (always!), moving into the house, and, currently, living through the experience of carrying our second child.

But we had so many downers too – the house issues (i.e. the sewer issue) and the car situations. We miscarried in August. On Primary Election Day, actually (great timing for a reporter, I might add). It was pretty awful.

But, looking back, it all seems to have worked out. We survived.

These past few weeks, since just before Thanksgiving, we seem to be gelling a bit again. Everything seems to be clicking back into place. We’ve finished Christmas shopping. We even got the wrapping all but done (one gift left, I need a box). Lola is watching the piles of gifts get bigger. She is experiencing Christmas holiday shows for the first time with awe (“Frosty the Snowman” is her latest favorite).

Christmas is for the kids. I’ve heard this before. But to see it, to watch her watch me wrap gifts and wonder why we are “hiding” the toys or whatever, it’s enlightening. She runs around the house pointing to all of our Baby Jesus figurines and pictures. She signs along the “Jingle Bells” and begs nightly to drive around the city looking at Christmas light displays.

It really can be a magical time of year.

And we're enjoying living it.

Merry Christmas,
- Bethany :)

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