Monday, January 31, 2011

Lola's first movie!

We took Lola to her first “real” movie yesterday. We all went to the movie theater, got some popcorn and settled in for a showing of “Tangled,” the new Disney Princess movie.

In theory, it was a perfect fit! The movie features Rapunzel, a doe-eye, blond-haired princess who sings and smiles a lot. Lola was so excited. Even beforehand, when I was telling her all about Rapunzel and long, golden hair, she would grin and say, “Lola has long hair too!” Lola insisted that if we were going to see a Princess movie, she had to wear her princess (summertime) dress and her sparkly silver Princess shoes. She even got Princess hair (a braid).

The only mistake we made? Telling her that we would go after naptime. Because, then, she never went to sleep. She just sat quietly in her bed and then every half-hour or so, we would check on her and she would say, “All done night-night. Time for Princess movie?”

It was pretty cute. Infuriating, but cute.

So how did it go?

Pretty well. There were, surprisingly, a lot more kids there than I thought there would be. Lola loved her popcorn and she adjusted to being in a booster seat. She was impressed by the size of the “TV” but thought the movie was kinda’ loud. She laughed at a few funny parts – and a few not-so-funny parts. She loved the Princess and found the prince to be, somewhat, humorous. She really liked the rabbit that was in the movie for a full 3 seconds.

But then, the ending came.

*** SPOILER ALERT, just in case someone does not want to know the ending of the movie. So if you really don’t want to know what happens to Rapunzel and crew, stop reading now. ***

*** OK? ***

I have been trying – unsuccessfully – to get my daughter to have a "real" haircut. She lets me cut her bangs, but doesn't want anyone else to do it. She gets a little frightened.

Well, after seeing "Tangled," I can all but guarantee she will NEVER have a formal haircut.

In the end, Rapunzel’s long, flowing, golden hair is sadly cut to a bob. And once the hair is cut, it turns from a sparkly golden color to, well, kind of a drab-ish shade of brunette. And then the bad person, well, dies (in a non-really-dying kind of Disney way, of course).

Lola freaked out.

As in starting screaming and crying. She calmed down eventually. But she was terrified.

I’m still not sure what scared her exactly. I mean, for a Disney Princess movie, the ending was really, really tame. “Beauty and the Beast” and “Sleeping Beauty” – both of which she has seen – are much scarier, in my non-2.5-year-old opinion.

One we left the theater, we tried to talk about the happy parts – the singing, the crown, the Princess, the animals, etc. – but all she said on the way home was “scary movie” and “I cry a lot.”

Unsurprisingly, she had a really bad nightmare last night, something that doesn’t happen often.

I feel terrible. Of course.

But she seems to have gotten over it. This morning, she talked about Rapunzel more happily, recalling a few funny portions of the show.

Of course, she then pointed to Princess Belle on her nightshirt and said, "This Princess Belle. I watch that Princess movie, OK? That very good movie."

Apparently the Beast is less scary than a haircut.

Who knew?
- Bethany :)

Monday, January 24, 2011

grandparents visit

While Ray took a much-appreciated break to go ice fishing with some guys, Lola and I welcomed Grandma and Grandpa Evans (or, well, "Grandma and Grandpa Roma," since she identifies her grandparents by their pets' names) for the weekend.

So much fun. Time goes too fast.

But we all had a ball.

We all got ready Saturday morning and had some cuddle time as we prepared to go out and battle the very, very cold temperatures to make our way to the mall and area stores.

And then she let me know, in no uncertain terms, that she was not so much in the mood for pictures.

We did a lot that morning. We went to mall, let her ride the horseys and then tried to get her to have her first "real" haircut. Which, well, didn't happen. She was interested in watching other people get their haircut, but when it was her turn, she kind of waved everyone off, taking a few steps backward and saying, "Not yet, not yet." And then, "Mommy do it."

She did get to push a Lola-sized cart around the grocery store, though, while she was waiting for what would have been her turn.

So it was still worth the trip, in her eyes anyway.

Then came the Princess Castle.

We decided to set it up while Lola was napping so she would be surprised.

Piece of cake. Right?


But she, of course, loved it!

And we all took turns playing inside.

The night more or less ended with a showing of a new Princess movie, "Beauty of the Beast" (new to Lola, obviously, not the world). I had wanted to get "Cinderella" since that is currently her favorite book. But then I ran into the whole Disney Vault roadblock (ugh!) and ended up with Belle, which was fine. Lola loved it.

Anyhow, the best place to watch a Princess movie is in your Princess Castle, right?!

And then she got one last snuggle opportunity before bedtime.

Grandparents are the best. :)

Grandma and Grandpa Wesley (or, "Grandma and Grandpa Ori"), too, are coming to visit sometime soon. So she is looking forward to that, as well.

Visiting grandparents brighten our rather dull, dark winter moods, I think.


Of course, time goes too fast. And after Grandma and Grandpa left, the house was quiet.

Lola saw me kind of walking around. Not doing much. And she looked up and me and said something.

I didn't understand what she was saying.

it took her another 2-3 times before I finally made it out.

"They'll be again again someday," she said, apparently quoting her favorite song/TV show/book, "Frosty the Snowman."

- Bethany :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Who doesn't love little kid kisses?

We always kiss Lola good night. A simple, quick peck on the cheek or forehead. And she reciprocates in kind.

But about a month ago, give or take, I asked for my nightly kiss. And she kissed my right check, pushed my head my face to the side, kissed my left check and then placed her hands on either side of my head, bending it down to give me a kiss on the top of my head.

Confused, I looked at Ray, who proudly announced that he taught her that. OK, fine. It’s cute. It’s her thing. It makes me smile.

So, like usual, I asked for my nightly kisses last night.

This is what I got:

Left cheek kiss.

Right cheek kiss.

Kiss on the nose.

Kiss on the chin.

Kiss on the lips.

Kiss on top of the head.

Kiss on left ear.

Kiss on right ear.

Kiss on the nose.

Kiss on the lips.

And here, I had to pull away. Mainly because I was laughing so hard I needed a break.

I firmly(ish) told her it was time for bed, leading her toward her toddler bed. And she, again, began her nightly protests: Can we color? Have book time? Tuck in baby doll? Clean room? Do laundry?

And then, with a little half-smile, she outstretched her arms as if to give me a hug, “Mommy want more kisses?”

How do you say no to that?!
- Bethany :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

new weekend pictures

It was a cold weekend here. And I'm just not hardy enough to want to spend hours and hours outside in bitter winds.

So we skipped the winter festival - again - and stayed indoors as we passed the time.

First, we finally broke down and bought Lola a bean bag chair. She sees them all of the time when we go to Walmart, and she finally got us on a weak day.

She is loving it, of course. Mostly because she has her own spot. Lola is very "into" spots - I have my own spot, as does Ray, in both the kitchen and the living room. But Lola's living room spot was never really defined until this weekend.

She also is getting surprisingly good at air hockey. She even scores on Ray when he is trying (which, admittedly, is not very difficult ... I'm kidding! Don't tell him I said that!).

And here is her "Jordan" look. Lola has done this since the day she was born. She sticks her tongue out when she is really trying hard at something. It's adorable.

We also went to the mall and cruised around there a while, too.

Which inevitably ends with a horsey ride or two.


About 2 months ago, give or take, a can of Pam decided to attempt suicide and jumped from an upper shelf in my pantry, landing on my big toe.

What began as a light blue-purple under-nail bruise has gotten darker and blacker with each passing week. And while I know it is wintertime and very few people are going to actually see my toenail, I couldn't take it anymore.

So I painted my toenails this weekend.

Which meant Lola got to have a mini pedi also.

So we both got "princess toes" Sunday night.

She later got a little mad when it was time to put socks and shoes on to run errands: "No cover princess toes!"

And then, this morning, as I got ready for work, she watched me put my socks on, saying, "Mommy hiding princess toes?" and got all sad.

She is surely becoming a girly girl.
- Bethany :)

Thursday, January 13, 2011


We ran this obituary in today's newspaper.

And Ray and I watched (while, of course, not trying to) yesterday as a couple went into the ultrasound hallway crying quietly. And came out sobbing much more obviously.

So, yeah, a little perspective never hurts.

We are fine. I'm still crabby about it all - but we and the baby are fine.

And for that we are fortunate.

- Bethany :)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It’s a...


Oh, wait, we knew that already.

We went in today for the ultrasound and found that the baby was measuring smaller than we had thought it should be. I am supposed to be about 18 weeks, 2 days. And the baby was measuring 17 weeks, 3 days. Because if his or her size, the ultrasound technician was not able to get clear shots of certain aspects of his or her body, including the parts that would reveal the gender.

So we don’t know.

But the things she could see – the legs, the arms, the heart, etc. – looked healthy and good. So, for that, we are extremely happy.

Because they couldn’t see everything, I will have another ultrasound (yay!) but the doctor said that would not be until about 30 weeks (boo!).

Twelve weeks, or three months from now.

So we wait.


The baby was super mobile. As in was moving around so much that the technician had difficulty getting clear shots.

But it was cute. We saw him/her playing with his/her feet and having all sorts of fun.

Here s/he is waving...

And s/he is getting ready to suck his or her thumb...


That said, it was not the world’s most relaxing appointment.

We walked in, I laid down and she started the ultrasound.

One of the very first things she said to me was, “Is there a chance you are not as far along as you think you are?”

Now, granted, this was probably a very innocent question. But you have to understand, it was just five months ago, when we were in the room right next door being told that the baby we thought we were carrying wasn’t there.

In other words, don’t freak me out.

And, I’m sorry, no matter how many ultrasounds I see, I still don’t know what the heck I’m looking at on the screen. And, to me, that baby – or that blob of something that is supposed to be a baby – was not moving. At least not in my untrained eyes.

It took her about 4-5 minutes before she spoke again. Saying that by her measurements, the baby was just over 17 weeks. Then, she added that just because it is small does not mean anything is wrong. And she hoped I was not thinking there was anything wrong.

About that time, we could see the baby moving and the heartbeat was pumping.

And I relaxed.

Kind of.

(Can I just say, though, that the ultrasound lady was incredibly nice. She was very good at her job and very sweet. I was just panicking for the pure sake of panicking. I do that sometimes. Ray was never freaked out at all.)


So when I am due?

I have no idea.

Going by the calendar, I would be due June 13.

Going by the measurements taken today, I would be due June 19.

The doctor told me today that they do not actually change the due date unless it is off by at least one week. She told me I am probably due somewhere between June 13-19.

Now, with Lola, at this time I was measuring big. And was told that I would likely go into labor prior to my June 30 due date.

So it’s not as if I put a whole lot of stock into due dates anyhow.

I am still expecting a June baby.

I'm being positive today!
- Bethany :)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

At this time tomorrow…

I am so impatient.

I woke up this morning thinking about tomorrow’s ultrasound appointment. Recognizing that I slept in too late this morning and knowing that I can’t do that tomorrow, that we will have to get Lola to daycare and get to the clinic by 8:30 a.m.

I thought about it as I poured my coffee, wondering if I should have decaf tomorrow so I am a “good” pregnant mommy or have caffeinated coffee so s/he isn’t lethargic.

I am so impatient.

I got to work, still thinking about it. As I sent my blotter request to the police and sheriff departments, I was thinking how I won’t be doing that tomorrow, that I will be in the ultrasound room. Hopefully hearing that s/he is looking good, healthy. And, of course, whether s/he is a he or a she.

I’m still thinking about it. Watching the clock, counting down the minutes, the hours.

I’m so impatient.

I want to know. I hate not knowing.

I played early on with the idea of not finding out, that maybe it would be more fun to wait until his or her birth.

Ha! I would have drove myself – and my husband – absolutely crazy. I never would have made it.

I’m so impatient.

- Bethany :)

Monday, January 10, 2011

the P word

Almost 30 months. We made it almost 30 months.

Lola must have been about 13 or 14 months old when Ray asked me if I was trying to turn Lola into a tomboy. I always was more apt to choose for her a hammering toy over a baby doll, a truck over a My Little Pony.

No, I was not trying, but I figured she could have a lifetime of girly girl moments in her future, if she so chose them. I just didn't want to rush her into them.

Saturday afternoon, we were at Target. I was in the book aisle with her. I said she could pick out one book as a little splurge for our terrible morning (more on this to come). And she reached for a four-set of Disney Princess books.

No biggee. I figured she was actually more interested in the carrying case than the books themselves.

But she has yet put those books down. She asked me all weekend to read them over and over and over again. Really, I have them memorized already.

And before long, came that word.

"Lola a princess," she declared Sunday evening. "Princess Lola."

So, we have officially moved into the Princess phase. We all sat down with some popcorn Sunday night and sat with Lola and she watched her first Princess movie, "Sleeping Beauty."

Of course, to do so, she had to wear her own Princess dress (or, in her case, a tutu since I don't have a lot of toddler-zed ballgowns laying around).


Potty training.

This went so very well last week. Monday and Tuesday were rough, but she continued to learn how to control herself. She had one accident Wednesday and zero accidents Thursday. She also had no accidents Friday ... up until the time I got home from work. Then she had a woopsie. (I'm just that exciting I guess.)

But then came Saturday.

Lola since Thursday had been whining, and then crying, when she had to pee, saying that it hurt.

So we took her to the clinic Saturday morning. And they needed a pee sample to test her for a urinary tract infection.

Well, the child has been doing well with potty training because we don't make her pee on demand. We don't make her go on a schedule; she just tells us when she has to go and we take her. Could be an hour in between bathroom visits, could be three minutes.

And now, here were were in the doctor's office begging her, bribing her, trying anything, to get her to go. We are a little crazy when it comes to our anti-catheterizing feelings, so we were kind of desperate.

After an hour at the clinic, we gave up. We went home. Containers in hand, hoping to collect the sample ourselves. And after a whole ten minutes at home, she gave us a sample. So we returned to the clinic. Another hour or so later, we learned she does not appear to have a UTI (but we will find out later today for sure). She is probably just irritated and sensitive.

But since Saturday, she has been less than great about potty training. Lots of accidents again that night and a few Sunday morning, too.

But now, we think we have her back on track. We all spent the whole day at home Sunday, so that should have helped. She was doing great last night and this morning.

But it was definitely a setback.


Ray and I had our own little fun time Sunday as we did this:

Yeah, we decided to make our own ravioli.

It was a ton of work (like three hours' worth). And we vowed to never ever do it again.

Until it was time to eat.

And it was really good.

- Bethany :)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

*twiddling thumbs*

I am not a patient person.

Pregnancy, as a whole, drives me a little crazy. It lasts too long. I feel like I’m always waiting. Waiting for the first trimester to end, waiting for the ultrasound, waiting for the due date, then waiting another two weeks for Baby to arrive.

This week, in particular, is hard. I feel like time is just creeping by.

The ultrasound is Wednesday. Six itty bitty days away.

It’s like waiting for Christmas. Except I don’t have the panic mode, the need to wrap, bake, pack, buy stuff.

All I can do is … wait.

I hate it.

In a very loving way, of course.

Really, if it could just be the end of the work week, that would be better. Weekends always go fast. And Mondays are my tough work day with Tuesdays my lesser-but-still-busy work days. And then it would be Wednesday morning.

And, in all honesty, I should have three, if not five, weeks until my ultrasound – so I am super duper lucky. I go to the doctor every four weeks. My first appointment was at week 10. Then week 14. So then my next was week 18. So she scheduled the ultrasound for Jan. 12. So I am earlier than most for the ultrasound, at least according to my physician’s schedule.

Interesting fact: I will be 18 weeks 3 days when I have my ultrasound.

With Lola, I was 19 weeks, 1 day.

Re-reading that blog entry today, I nearly spit out my lemonade: “I learned that I was measuring big and that could mean a little bit of an early entrance for our baby girl, maybe a week...”

Uh-huh. Suuuuuuuuure.


We might have a new activity to pass the time, though.

Ray might be vacillating on the names that we picked.

I’m not sure if he is serious about changing one and/or both. But he sounded unsure. And I don’t want him to be unsure at all.

So, even though I do have his permission to share the names whenever I choose, I am going to wait a little bit. Until Monday. See how we feel by the end of the weekend.

- Bethany :)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bedtime battles revisited

I don't claim to have any answers at all when it comes to parenting.

We just do whatever seems to work for us and for Lola.

We slowly, reluctantly, embraced the crying it out method when she was a baby. And it worked wonders. We used the same method when we had to take the bottle away. And then, later, when we took the nighttime liquids away.

The only time bedtime was not too badly a battle was when she moved from the crib to the toddler bed. There were relatively few problems.

Lately, we have noticed that even if we put her to bed at 7:30 p.m., she will play quietly in the dark until she finally goes to sleep, sometime around 8 p.m. or so.

But she never gets out of bed. She might go get a toy, but she always climbs back into bed, playing quietly (sometimes silently) until she falls asleep.



I work late Monday nights. I got a picture text from my husband at 9 p.m.

9 p.m.

I figured he had completely finished the kitchen remodeling project and was sending me a text pic of that.


he had noticed that Lucy (the cat) had been hanging out by Lola's bedroom door for about 20 minutes or so. This isn't unusual - Lucy is usually the first one to let us know when Lola is up from her nap or in the mornings.

But Lola had gone to bed 90 minutes beforehand.

Ray walked down the hallways again and this time, Lola wasn't quick enough. She didn't pull her hand back inside.

Caught red-handed.

- Bethany :)

Monday, January 3, 2011

The future, some misc. thoughts

I have lately been perusing my old blog entries from the first year, when I was pregnant with Lola.

Since this pregnancy is running exactly 17 days earlier than my pregnancy with Lola (she was due June 30, this one is due June 13), it has been fun to see similar experiences happening around the same time. For instance, I am feeling little bubbles and fluttering now – and I first noticed that with Lola on Jan. 5.

But it also has me wondering a bit about the future.

I write a lot. Not only do I write articles and such for work at the newspaper, but I also have four blogs. Two are for work (more or less), then I have this one and now I have a newer one, which is a second job of sorts. For those who do not know, I am a paid blogger through an online parenting site, where I can still write about basically anything I want (such as Lola, the pregnancy), but I do so with specific instructions. Since I get paid, sort of, for writing the other three blogs, this one has (hopefully, understandingly) taken a backseat lately and I haven’t been updating it or writing as much as I would like to.

I also wonder about my kid(s) in the future and how they might feel about me writing about experiences with potty training and such. While I know, now, that it would be interesting to read my mother’s experiences with my childhood milestones as I experience them with my own children, I don’t know how thrilled I would have been to read about them in middle or high school (and knowing that other people could to).

So I have come to a decision: This blog has an end date. I am going to continue blogging throughout this pregnancy until he or she arrives in June. I expect that I will probably have a final update at the end of my maternity leave, before I return to work. But then, I think, I will shut it down.

I don't expect anyone to lose sleep over this decision, but I thought I would share.


In other news…

- We have, officially, began our first true effort at potty training. I think rather than focusing on how the first day has gone (badly thus far), I will offer an update at the end of the week. Hopefully, we still will be sticking with it by then...

- Anyone remember the butterfly in this blog posting? Yeah, somehow, it got packed away with the Christmas stuff, so it was returned to our lives this past month.

And … ?

It’s just as scary as ever.

Except this time, both Lola and the cat are afraid of it.

It’s pretty funny.

Some days Lola actually kind of likes it. As long as the butterfly is moving away from her, she is OK. But if the butterfly starts to seemingly chase her, Lola cries for us to “push the button” and turn her off.

I know, you would think we would just pack it up again. But it does make for some interesting moments.

- We have picked our two names for Baby. The ultrasound is next Wednesday (12th) so I will maybe share them before then, as I did with Lola. I need to run that by Ray, though, first…

- A quick funny: Lola likes to hit buttons. But has no desire to actually have the buttons do anything other than perhaps turn on a little light.

Case in point: We were all playing at home and she, for the first time, took notice of the carbon monoxide detector. She hit a button (apparently the test button) and said off a high-pitched shrieking beep that scared the bejeesus out of her. Poor think did the silent cry (holding her breath) for about 4-5 seconds before really letting it out. She ran to my arms and demanded we go “out there,” pointing to another part of the house, away from the loud noise.

Case in point Part B: We were walking around Walmart when she took interest in a display of Iron Man masks that have buttons (and, presumably, make noise). I was across the aisle looking at something else when she started screaming. Apparently, when she hit a button, the mask started talking to her. And she lost it. Ray laughed because, well, it was kind of funny. So she got mad at him and ran to me, asking us to take her away from “scary toy.”

Our child the scaredy cat.

Have a great week.
- Bethany :)