Monday, January 3, 2011

The future, some misc. thoughts

I have lately been perusing my old blog entries from the first year, when I was pregnant with Lola.

Since this pregnancy is running exactly 17 days earlier than my pregnancy with Lola (she was due June 30, this one is due June 13), it has been fun to see similar experiences happening around the same time. For instance, I am feeling little bubbles and fluttering now – and I first noticed that with Lola on Jan. 5.

But it also has me wondering a bit about the future.

I write a lot. Not only do I write articles and such for work at the newspaper, but I also have four blogs. Two are for work (more or less), then I have this one and now I have a newer one, which is a second job of sorts. For those who do not know, I am a paid blogger through an online parenting site, where I can still write about basically anything I want (such as Lola, the pregnancy), but I do so with specific instructions. Since I get paid, sort of, for writing the other three blogs, this one has (hopefully, understandingly) taken a backseat lately and I haven’t been updating it or writing as much as I would like to.

I also wonder about my kid(s) in the future and how they might feel about me writing about experiences with potty training and such. While I know, now, that it would be interesting to read my mother’s experiences with my childhood milestones as I experience them with my own children, I don’t know how thrilled I would have been to read about them in middle or high school (and knowing that other people could to).

So I have come to a decision: This blog has an end date. I am going to continue blogging throughout this pregnancy until he or she arrives in June. I expect that I will probably have a final update at the end of my maternity leave, before I return to work. But then, I think, I will shut it down.

I don't expect anyone to lose sleep over this decision, but I thought I would share.


In other news…

- We have, officially, began our first true effort at potty training. I think rather than focusing on how the first day has gone (badly thus far), I will offer an update at the end of the week. Hopefully, we still will be sticking with it by then...

- Anyone remember the butterfly in this blog posting? Yeah, somehow, it got packed away with the Christmas stuff, so it was returned to our lives this past month.

And … ?

It’s just as scary as ever.

Except this time, both Lola and the cat are afraid of it.

It’s pretty funny.

Some days Lola actually kind of likes it. As long as the butterfly is moving away from her, she is OK. But if the butterfly starts to seemingly chase her, Lola cries for us to “push the button” and turn her off.

I know, you would think we would just pack it up again. But it does make for some interesting moments.

- We have picked our two names for Baby. The ultrasound is next Wednesday (12th) so I will maybe share them before then, as I did with Lola. I need to run that by Ray, though, first…

- A quick funny: Lola likes to hit buttons. But has no desire to actually have the buttons do anything other than perhaps turn on a little light.

Case in point: We were all playing at home and she, for the first time, took notice of the carbon monoxide detector. She hit a button (apparently the test button) and said off a high-pitched shrieking beep that scared the bejeesus out of her. Poor think did the silent cry (holding her breath) for about 4-5 seconds before really letting it out. She ran to my arms and demanded we go “out there,” pointing to another part of the house, away from the loud noise.

Case in point Part B: We were walking around Walmart when she took interest in a display of Iron Man masks that have buttons (and, presumably, make noise). I was across the aisle looking at something else when she started screaming. Apparently, when she hit a button, the mask started talking to her. And she lost it. Ray laughed because, well, it was kind of funny. So she got mad at him and ran to me, asking us to take her away from “scary toy.”

Our child the scaredy cat.

Have a great week.
- Bethany :)

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