Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It’s a...


Oh, wait, we knew that already.

We went in today for the ultrasound and found that the baby was measuring smaller than we had thought it should be. I am supposed to be about 18 weeks, 2 days. And the baby was measuring 17 weeks, 3 days. Because if his or her size, the ultrasound technician was not able to get clear shots of certain aspects of his or her body, including the parts that would reveal the gender.

So we don’t know.

But the things she could see – the legs, the arms, the heart, etc. – looked healthy and good. So, for that, we are extremely happy.

Because they couldn’t see everything, I will have another ultrasound (yay!) but the doctor said that would not be until about 30 weeks (boo!).

Twelve weeks, or three months from now.

So we wait.


The baby was super mobile. As in was moving around so much that the technician had difficulty getting clear shots.

But it was cute. We saw him/her playing with his/her feet and having all sorts of fun.

Here s/he is waving...

And s/he is getting ready to suck his or her thumb...


That said, it was not the world’s most relaxing appointment.

We walked in, I laid down and she started the ultrasound.

One of the very first things she said to me was, “Is there a chance you are not as far along as you think you are?”

Now, granted, this was probably a very innocent question. But you have to understand, it was just five months ago, when we were in the room right next door being told that the baby we thought we were carrying wasn’t there.

In other words, don’t freak me out.

And, I’m sorry, no matter how many ultrasounds I see, I still don’t know what the heck I’m looking at on the screen. And, to me, that baby – or that blob of something that is supposed to be a baby – was not moving. At least not in my untrained eyes.

It took her about 4-5 minutes before she spoke again. Saying that by her measurements, the baby was just over 17 weeks. Then, she added that just because it is small does not mean anything is wrong. And she hoped I was not thinking there was anything wrong.

About that time, we could see the baby moving and the heartbeat was pumping.

And I relaxed.

Kind of.

(Can I just say, though, that the ultrasound lady was incredibly nice. She was very good at her job and very sweet. I was just panicking for the pure sake of panicking. I do that sometimes. Ray was never freaked out at all.)


So when I am due?

I have no idea.

Going by the calendar, I would be due June 13.

Going by the measurements taken today, I would be due June 19.

The doctor told me today that they do not actually change the due date unless it is off by at least one week. She told me I am probably due somewhere between June 13-19.

Now, with Lola, at this time I was measuring big. And was told that I would likely go into labor prior to my June 30 due date.

So it’s not as if I put a whole lot of stock into due dates anyhow.

I am still expecting a June baby.

I'm being positive today!
- Bethany :)

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mk said...

I agree with tech to redo ultrasound next month. Think you should call your dr. in 3 weeks and insist. You would think after all you have gone through she would understand how anxious you are. Do dr.'s not have feelings?