Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Who doesn't love little kid kisses?

We always kiss Lola good night. A simple, quick peck on the cheek or forehead. And she reciprocates in kind.

But about a month ago, give or take, I asked for my nightly kiss. And she kissed my right check, pushed my head my face to the side, kissed my left check and then placed her hands on either side of my head, bending it down to give me a kiss on the top of my head.

Confused, I looked at Ray, who proudly announced that he taught her that. OK, fine. It’s cute. It’s her thing. It makes me smile.

So, like usual, I asked for my nightly kisses last night.

This is what I got:

Left cheek kiss.

Right cheek kiss.

Kiss on the nose.

Kiss on the chin.

Kiss on the lips.

Kiss on top of the head.

Kiss on left ear.

Kiss on right ear.

Kiss on the nose.

Kiss on the lips.

And here, I had to pull away. Mainly because I was laughing so hard I needed a break.

I firmly(ish) told her it was time for bed, leading her toward her toddler bed. And she, again, began her nightly protests: Can we color? Have book time? Tuck in baby doll? Clean room? Do laundry?

And then, with a little half-smile, she outstretched her arms as if to give me a hug, “Mommy want more kisses?”

How do you say no to that?!
- Bethany :)

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