Monday, January 31, 2011

Lola's first movie!

We took Lola to her first “real” movie yesterday. We all went to the movie theater, got some popcorn and settled in for a showing of “Tangled,” the new Disney Princess movie.

In theory, it was a perfect fit! The movie features Rapunzel, a doe-eye, blond-haired princess who sings and smiles a lot. Lola was so excited. Even beforehand, when I was telling her all about Rapunzel and long, golden hair, she would grin and say, “Lola has long hair too!” Lola insisted that if we were going to see a Princess movie, she had to wear her princess (summertime) dress and her sparkly silver Princess shoes. She even got Princess hair (a braid).

The only mistake we made? Telling her that we would go after naptime. Because, then, she never went to sleep. She just sat quietly in her bed and then every half-hour or so, we would check on her and she would say, “All done night-night. Time for Princess movie?”

It was pretty cute. Infuriating, but cute.

So how did it go?

Pretty well. There were, surprisingly, a lot more kids there than I thought there would be. Lola loved her popcorn and she adjusted to being in a booster seat. She was impressed by the size of the “TV” but thought the movie was kinda’ loud. She laughed at a few funny parts – and a few not-so-funny parts. She loved the Princess and found the prince to be, somewhat, humorous. She really liked the rabbit that was in the movie for a full 3 seconds.

But then, the ending came.

*** SPOILER ALERT, just in case someone does not want to know the ending of the movie. So if you really don’t want to know what happens to Rapunzel and crew, stop reading now. ***

*** OK? ***

I have been trying – unsuccessfully – to get my daughter to have a "real" haircut. She lets me cut her bangs, but doesn't want anyone else to do it. She gets a little frightened.

Well, after seeing "Tangled," I can all but guarantee she will NEVER have a formal haircut.

In the end, Rapunzel’s long, flowing, golden hair is sadly cut to a bob. And once the hair is cut, it turns from a sparkly golden color to, well, kind of a drab-ish shade of brunette. And then the bad person, well, dies (in a non-really-dying kind of Disney way, of course).

Lola freaked out.

As in starting screaming and crying. She calmed down eventually. But she was terrified.

I’m still not sure what scared her exactly. I mean, for a Disney Princess movie, the ending was really, really tame. “Beauty and the Beast” and “Sleeping Beauty” – both of which she has seen – are much scarier, in my non-2.5-year-old opinion.

One we left the theater, we tried to talk about the happy parts – the singing, the crown, the Princess, the animals, etc. – but all she said on the way home was “scary movie” and “I cry a lot.”

Unsurprisingly, she had a really bad nightmare last night, something that doesn’t happen often.

I feel terrible. Of course.

But she seems to have gotten over it. This morning, she talked about Rapunzel more happily, recalling a few funny portions of the show.

Of course, she then pointed to Princess Belle on her nightshirt and said, "This Princess Belle. I watch that Princess movie, OK? That very good movie."

Apparently the Beast is less scary than a haircut.

Who knew?
- Bethany :)

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