Monday, January 17, 2011

new weekend pictures

It was a cold weekend here. And I'm just not hardy enough to want to spend hours and hours outside in bitter winds.

So we skipped the winter festival - again - and stayed indoors as we passed the time.

First, we finally broke down and bought Lola a bean bag chair. She sees them all of the time when we go to Walmart, and she finally got us on a weak day.

She is loving it, of course. Mostly because she has her own spot. Lola is very "into" spots - I have my own spot, as does Ray, in both the kitchen and the living room. But Lola's living room spot was never really defined until this weekend.

She also is getting surprisingly good at air hockey. She even scores on Ray when he is trying (which, admittedly, is not very difficult ... I'm kidding! Don't tell him I said that!).

And here is her "Jordan" look. Lola has done this since the day she was born. She sticks her tongue out when she is really trying hard at something. It's adorable.

We also went to the mall and cruised around there a while, too.

Which inevitably ends with a horsey ride or two.


About 2 months ago, give or take, a can of Pam decided to attempt suicide and jumped from an upper shelf in my pantry, landing on my big toe.

What began as a light blue-purple under-nail bruise has gotten darker and blacker with each passing week. And while I know it is wintertime and very few people are going to actually see my toenail, I couldn't take it anymore.

So I painted my toenails this weekend.

Which meant Lola got to have a mini pedi also.

So we both got "princess toes" Sunday night.

She later got a little mad when it was time to put socks and shoes on to run errands: "No cover princess toes!"

And then, this morning, as I got ready for work, she watched me put my socks on, saying, "Mommy hiding princess toes?" and got all sad.

She is surely becoming a girly girl.
- Bethany :)

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David and Mary Kay said...

Okay, got something to do this weekend! Air Hockey tourney with Lola! Wooo Hoooo! Better get your game face on girly.....but no trash talkin'!
Can't wait to see you.
Grandpa Roma!