Monday, January 10, 2011

the P word

Almost 30 months. We made it almost 30 months.

Lola must have been about 13 or 14 months old when Ray asked me if I was trying to turn Lola into a tomboy. I always was more apt to choose for her a hammering toy over a baby doll, a truck over a My Little Pony.

No, I was not trying, but I figured she could have a lifetime of girly girl moments in her future, if she so chose them. I just didn't want to rush her into them.

Saturday afternoon, we were at Target. I was in the book aisle with her. I said she could pick out one book as a little splurge for our terrible morning (more on this to come). And she reached for a four-set of Disney Princess books.

No biggee. I figured she was actually more interested in the carrying case than the books themselves.

But she has yet put those books down. She asked me all weekend to read them over and over and over again. Really, I have them memorized already.

And before long, came that word.

"Lola a princess," she declared Sunday evening. "Princess Lola."

So, we have officially moved into the Princess phase. We all sat down with some popcorn Sunday night and sat with Lola and she watched her first Princess movie, "Sleeping Beauty."

Of course, to do so, she had to wear her own Princess dress (or, in her case, a tutu since I don't have a lot of toddler-zed ballgowns laying around).


Potty training.

This went so very well last week. Monday and Tuesday were rough, but she continued to learn how to control herself. She had one accident Wednesday and zero accidents Thursday. She also had no accidents Friday ... up until the time I got home from work. Then she had a woopsie. (I'm just that exciting I guess.)

But then came Saturday.

Lola since Thursday had been whining, and then crying, when she had to pee, saying that it hurt.

So we took her to the clinic Saturday morning. And they needed a pee sample to test her for a urinary tract infection.

Well, the child has been doing well with potty training because we don't make her pee on demand. We don't make her go on a schedule; she just tells us when she has to go and we take her. Could be an hour in between bathroom visits, could be three minutes.

And now, here were were in the doctor's office begging her, bribing her, trying anything, to get her to go. We are a little crazy when it comes to our anti-catheterizing feelings, so we were kind of desperate.

After an hour at the clinic, we gave up. We went home. Containers in hand, hoping to collect the sample ourselves. And after a whole ten minutes at home, she gave us a sample. So we returned to the clinic. Another hour or so later, we learned she does not appear to have a UTI (but we will find out later today for sure). She is probably just irritated and sensitive.

But since Saturday, she has been less than great about potty training. Lots of accidents again that night and a few Sunday morning, too.

But now, we think we have her back on track. We all spent the whole day at home Sunday, so that should have helped. She was doing great last night and this morning.

But it was definitely a setback.


Ray and I had our own little fun time Sunday as we did this:

Yeah, we decided to make our own ravioli.

It was a ton of work (like three hours' worth). And we vowed to never ever do it again.

Until it was time to eat.

And it was really good.

- Bethany :)

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