Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Say hello...

... to our newest daughter!

Surprised to see 3D images?! Me too! I have never had a 3D ultrasound and I have never expected one. I was absolutely shocked when the ultrasound technician lady said, "Let's see if we can get you a nice 3D shot," and flipped the switch.

I have never cried during an ultrasound. Today, I teared up just a little.

The images are not great; our daughter was laying with her head on the placenta as it if were a pillow. But I saw her waving her little fingers by her chin and I just got a little emotional. It was so cool. Not that 2D ultrasounds are not impressive, but in the 3D images, I can actually see my daughter. Amazing.

OK, so we are still not actually 100 percent certain that she is a she. She was not the most cooperative baby in the world. the technician said this will be my difficult child. I winced, recalling Lola's early days and hoping she was wrong. But once she did move her legs apart, the tech was pretty sure.

I told Lola she was having going to have a little sister. Her response, "No baby sister. Baby BOY." So we have some adjusting to do.

Us? We are thrilled. So very excited. We can definitely see these two girls growing up together and, hopefully, being super close sisters.

Other recaps? The baby is 1 pound, 2 ounces. We are apparently going with the June 19 due date (I swear she is going to be like Lola and come in July...) and even with the pushed-back due date, this baby is in the 12 percent of weight for her "age". Her heartbeat was 147.

She got a good look at all the organs. Except the heart, which is when Baby began begin extraordinarily difficult. They got a partial view of the heart, not a full view. But it should be fine. They never had a great view of Lola's heart either.

So that's about it. I am beyond excited.

I keep starting at her 3D images and just smiling.

I can't wait to meet her, to hold her.

Four more months...
- Bethany :)

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