Monday, February 14, 2011

We've been housebound too long...

The temperature got above freezing this weekend, and after being homebound for too many weeks, Ray decided that we should take a trip to Itasca State Park to get some fresh air and some much-needed exercise.

Lola was great; she loved being outdoors.

That picture was actually taken on the return trip toward the car, after Lola's little legs had had enough walking. She was tired.

But she did so well during the walk. We walked along a snowshoe trail, where the snow was nicely packed down. Of course, if you strayed even a bit from the path, you fell about a foot and a half down.

Fun times.

We all took in some beautiful sites and just had a nice afternoon hiking around in the open air.

Between the temperature and the blue skies, you just couldn't ask for a nicer February day.

Afterward, we visited Grandpa Al and Great-Grandpa and Auntie Peg. It was a great day.


I need to figure out a better way to convey to Lola that she will have a little brother or sister ... but it is not going to be for a while yet.

How you explain to a little child the concept of months?!

She has been asking for weeks now about when her little brother or sister is arriving. I keep telling her something along the lines of, “It will be a long time. When all the snow is gone.”

Well, the snow has been melting – quickly – from the driveway now. And she saw cement this weekend. So, that brought the inevitable question, “Snow all gone. Baby brother here now?”

Sigh. It's going to be a long four months.

- Bethany :)

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