Thursday, March 31, 2011


Unfortunately, my husband and I have both come down with some colds. So we are not in the best of moods. And after my parents' visit this past weekend, we were looking forward to Ray's parents visiting this weekend. Here is hoping for a tandem recovery - and a quick one, at that.

In the meantime, here are some cute pics from last weekend.

Happy weekend! I hope...
- Bethany :)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Today we woke up late.

Today I found a big zit on my chin, picked at it and made it bleed.

Today Ray and I realized, halfway to day care, that we forgot to do the stupid garbage.

Today our daycare lady apologetically told us she needs a whole week off in April, which will overlap with a week Ray is out of town for work.

Today would have been our due date for the baby we lost in August.

I expected today to kind of, well, suck. But it's only 9 a.m.

- Bethany

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Lola talks constantly. She wakes up talking and goes to bed talking. The time in between is spent chattering incessantly.

She loves to talk on the phone. When I call to check on them, I can always hear her in the background, "Lola talk to Mommy!" and she proceeds to tell me all about whatever they are doing.

In the car, she points out the trees, the mailboxes, the signs, the houses that should have horses but have yet to emerge for the season. She waves at buses and points out all the trucks that are similar to her daddy's vehicle.

And then sometimes she says things completely out of the blue.

We drive every morning to day care past the hospital and then the clinic and then get on the freeway. She has never mentioned anything about any of the medical buildings before.

Today, we pass by the clinic.

Lola points, "That's the doctor store."

Well, yes, it is.

"Lola sick when go there."

You just never know what she is going to remember. She has great memory.

Last night, we were taking a five-minute rest on the couch before I left for a meeting. We were watching "Horton Hears a Who" and the beginning has this purplish piece of spiky fuzz floating through the air.

"That's a coconut!" Lola exclaimed.

Um, no, well, not really, although I guess it does kind of look like one.

We just smiled. And turned her attention to the elephant.

She has a few catch phrases, too. Things that Ray and I find ourselves repeating at night, once she is is bed and the house gets quiet.

Some of her favorites:

"That's funny!" She thinks everything is funny, from strange sounds to odd sights to messes.

"Oh my!" She sounds like an 80-year-old woman when she says this. Usually when walking into a bedroom and finding a big mess or when she sees her father's artwork in the nursery.

"Oh my goodness!" This is a really surprised "oh my," usually said when she is happily surprised. Like with new princess wear or if I let her play makeup. Or when she opens my shoe closet and I let her play dress-up.

"Stop it!" said with a little wag or point of her index finger. Usually said to her daddy when he is tickling her or to me, when I tell her to do something she does not want to do, like make her bed or clean her room.

"Shh! S'enuff!" said when you try to start singing a song that she does not want to hear.

"No talking!" she gets mad at Ray and me when we try to have a conversation that she is not the focus of. Usually this happens after we are apart throughout the day and trying to catch up on activities and plans for the upcoming day. She also says this when we have visitors, like when my dad was visiting, and the adults would try to talk to one another, and thus, were not focusing 100 percent of their attention on the 2.5-year-old.

"You mean!" said with a little bottom lip stick-out, usually when we tell her she can't do something she wants to do, like pick at her nose or go play in the street.

"I miss you Mommy," always said with a big running hug after I get to daycare or come home.

And the favorite...

"I love you, Mommy (or Daddy)."


We took Lola to the park this past weekend. It was still snow-covered but it was enjoyable.

Our little kid is growing up. She decided, on her own, to go down the super big, steep slide. She only did that once last summer and never went back. it goes really fast.

It was hilarious.

Happy spring!
- Bethany :)

Monday, March 7, 2011

my girly girl

Any fighting it is useless. My daughter is a complete princess wanna-be. She is insisting to wear tutus daily, always asks for "princess hair" (anything different than just plan ol' down hair), loves getting her toes painted, playing with makeup brushes and wearing necklaces.

So last night, we celebrated her princess-ness.

And dressed her in the girliest, sparkliest dress.

She loved it. She was in her glory.

Her favorite new princess movie is "Cinderella."

Can you tell?!

She "lost" her shoe while running around and playing.

A lot.

She was so proud of her new dress. She kept saying "pretty Lola," which prompted a whole discussion about being pretty and how she can be pretty in her sweatpants, too.

But she sure loves that dress! Watch as she shows it off to her daddy.

And, yes, I did get video of her twirling, too, but it was in the too-dark living room. So I am thankful for the sparkles!

- Bethany :)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

If you can dream it, you can do it

Note: This is my 300th blog post. Wow.

OK, on to other things.

Lola's room is still not done. But close enough that I have to share. The work that Ray has put into this room is indescribable.

It started out white. Icky, dirty white.

Then, last summer, we bought Lola a ceiling fan for her room. Because it gets hot and she gets uncomfortable. And the fan offered a perfect chance to add some much-needed color. Each of the six blades featured its own bright, distinct color.

So we irritated the Home Depot paint guy. We color-matched each fan blade and bought six color-matched cans of paint for six walls.

We added some chalkboards, so she can, literally, draw on the walls...

But, still, the walls were too bright. Too bland, believe it or not. They needed ... something ... to break up the large expanses of color.

So, Ray got to work.

And while we are still not quite done - there is one mural left to do - I have to share what he has done thus far...

Meet Mickey and Minnie.

Mickey and Minnie are easily the focal point of the room. It took several weeks of painstakingly detailed planning and painting, but they are perfect. Ray did an amazing job.

But that's not all...

In Lola's old room, she had a special place where Ray found a special way to write her name. In paint, of course. But with three butterflies, representing the three of us.

(You can only see two butterflies, I know, but there was a third on a flower nearby.)

Leaving that behind in the apartment was tough.

I insisted that not only did he have to find a new way to get her name on her new bedroom wall - but it had to be even cooler.

And he didn't let me down (he rarely does ... but don't tell him that - it goes to his head).

Get it? They are building blocks, like the ones Lola loves to play with. But because Lola is only four letters long, he added a few "blanks" with Disney images - Goofy, Rafiki, Tinkerbell, the princess castle and, of course, Mickey himself.

And, well, since blocks have four sides and this was on a corner...

... Lola's middle name got some play, too.

Very cool. Exactly what I had in mind.

But still, something had to bring it all together.

Her shelf needed ... another touch.

So, meet Mickey and the gang.

I love it all. I really do.

The room looks amazing (the new carpet helps, too!). And, yes, there is still more to do. In one week, he should be done with the final mural and all of the detailed mural work. But still, the room will not be complete until summertime, when we can open the windows and do some touch-up work and spray-painting.

But even as it is still not quite done, Lola's room is easily the place to be inside our house right now.

It is where we all hang out. Where Lola plays, where we read books, where we hide in closets and then practice our ABCs on the chalkboard. Where she colors on the table top and jumps on her bed. Where she smiles and laughs and twirls in circles.

Sometimes, she even sleeps there.

- Bethany :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Ray felt Baby move this morning for the first time.

Sadly, he was not the first to feel exterior movements. Lucy, the cat, likes to lay on my chest and stomach. And even though I try to force her down to my lap, she sneaks up on me from time to time. The other night Baby got mad and gave Lucy a swift kick. The cat got freaked out and ran away. It was pretty funny.

That kind of force is rare for Baby.

She is very different from Lola.

Baby is much, much lower. She rarely moves from her spot in my lower left, unless I am doing yoga, when she moves to the right (I haven’t figured out why that is yet). She often has me wondering why I even have a belly bump. She isn’t anywhere near high enough by my belly button. She really feels like she could be underneath my panty line all of the time (and I am not exaggerating).

She is quiet. She doesn’t not get excited. I felt Lola at 19 weeks, I believe. I didn’t really truly know I was feeling Baby until well after week 21.

Lola kicked. With force. Constantly. Seriously, she wore me out by 10 a.m. most days.

Baby, though, just quietly squirms, kind of half-heartedly.

I can’t remember when Ray was first able to feel Lola kick – I can’t find it in the blog – but I know it was earlier than this. Lola’s elbows and kicks were visible from the outside by mid-March, I believe.

Lola used to get mad when I would lay in certain positions or move in certain ways.

Baby doesn’t really seem to get bothered by much of anything, except possibly the yoga.

Like Lola, though (and, arguably most inside babies), Baby is not very active during the day. She gets active about 8:30 p.m. at night, when I stop running around and moving so much. She plays during the nighttime and into the morning, settling in for quiet time right about 10 a.m. After my noontime walk, once I sit back down for lunch and work, Baby does about 20 minutes work of her own exercise.

But I don’t feel her too much during the day.


So how am I doing?

Fine. I’m doing fine. I don’t feel achy too much, except at night, after a long day’s worth of work and activity. But a yoga session always makes me feel better. Ray and I have taken back to playing the Wii Sports games more. That helps keep me loose. If I sit too long, doing any one activity, I get a little stiff and achy.

I still haven’t gained a lot of weight, maybe 9 pounds overall? Hard to believe, since, you know, next-to-nothing fits anymore. But I can still sneak in a few pre-pregnancy shirts.

More and more people have been telling me lately that I do not even really look that pregnant. Or, as my daycare provider said, “You don’t look six months along. You’re not that big.”

Really, I think it all depends on what I am wearing that day. I mean, you can hide quite a belly under oversized winter sweaters. It’s harder to conceal anything in thinner T-shirts and tank tops. (Speaking of which, Mr. Weather Guy, can we please break those out sometime soon?!)

So we truck along. I am either 25 weeks, 2 days today or 24 weeks, 3 days. Depending on what date you go by. Either way, I have about 3.5 months left to go. I’m not getting overly impatient or anxious – I mean, we have a LOT of work left to do – but I think I am getting more and more excited.

- Bethany :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Lola and I were eating macaroni and cheese yesterday for dinner. I, hungry-all-the-time pregnant woman that I am, was shoveling the food in my mouth as quickly as I could. Ray, the better, more attentive, parent, noticed that Lola was struggling to get the noodles to cooperate and stay on her fork.

Ray, “Lola do you want a spoon instead?”

Lola pauses to think and then whips the fork across the table, “Yeah. Fork sucks.”

Sigh. And here we thought we were doing so much better at watching our language...


In other recent fun Lola-isms...

I was intently interested in tennis last night. And Lola even got to stay up a wee bit later as she watched her first Sampras v. Agassi match. After about 10-15 minutes, she got a little restless. And was literally running circles around the cat and coffee tables. She was being loud and hyper. Great bedtime behavior.

But then I noticed the couch was moving.

So I watched as Lola would climb up on the arm of the couch and then jump face-first into the couch cushions.

Me, a little exasperated, “Lola! What are you doing?”

Lola, grinning, “I Superman!”

Um, as much as I am a rather geeky Superman fan, I can’t recall ever having mentioned Superman in her presence before. This was a surprise.


Also, a few weeks ago, we were driving by some huge sand piles.

Lola asked something that neither Ray nor I could decipher. We tried, but just did not get it.

She kept repeating herself, trying to make herself understood.

“At canno?”


“Hat kay-no?”


“Tat o-ka-no?”


And then, finally, as clear as day, “That a volcano?!”

She is pointing, emphatically, at one of the large sand piles, which did seem to have a flatter-than-usual top.

Again, we can’t think of a single instance in which the Bemidji-ites would have referenced a volcano during conversation or even book-reading. Must be a Dora reference?

- Bethany :)