Thursday, March 3, 2011

If you can dream it, you can do it

Note: This is my 300th blog post. Wow.

OK, on to other things.

Lola's room is still not done. But close enough that I have to share. The work that Ray has put into this room is indescribable.

It started out white. Icky, dirty white.

Then, last summer, we bought Lola a ceiling fan for her room. Because it gets hot and she gets uncomfortable. And the fan offered a perfect chance to add some much-needed color. Each of the six blades featured its own bright, distinct color.

So we irritated the Home Depot paint guy. We color-matched each fan blade and bought six color-matched cans of paint for six walls.

We added some chalkboards, so she can, literally, draw on the walls...

But, still, the walls were too bright. Too bland, believe it or not. They needed ... something ... to break up the large expanses of color.

So, Ray got to work.

And while we are still not quite done - there is one mural left to do - I have to share what he has done thus far...

Meet Mickey and Minnie.

Mickey and Minnie are easily the focal point of the room. It took several weeks of painstakingly detailed planning and painting, but they are perfect. Ray did an amazing job.

But that's not all...

In Lola's old room, she had a special place where Ray found a special way to write her name. In paint, of course. But with three butterflies, representing the three of us.

(You can only see two butterflies, I know, but there was a third on a flower nearby.)

Leaving that behind in the apartment was tough.

I insisted that not only did he have to find a new way to get her name on her new bedroom wall - but it had to be even cooler.

And he didn't let me down (he rarely does ... but don't tell him that - it goes to his head).

Get it? They are building blocks, like the ones Lola loves to play with. But because Lola is only four letters long, he added a few "blanks" with Disney images - Goofy, Rafiki, Tinkerbell, the princess castle and, of course, Mickey himself.

And, well, since blocks have four sides and this was on a corner...

... Lola's middle name got some play, too.

Very cool. Exactly what I had in mind.

But still, something had to bring it all together.

Her shelf needed ... another touch.

So, meet Mickey and the gang.

I love it all. I really do.

The room looks amazing (the new carpet helps, too!). And, yes, there is still more to do. In one week, he should be done with the final mural and all of the detailed mural work. But still, the room will not be complete until summertime, when we can open the windows and do some touch-up work and spray-painting.

But even as it is still not quite done, Lola's room is easily the place to be inside our house right now.

It is where we all hang out. Where Lola plays, where we read books, where we hide in closets and then practice our ABCs on the chalkboard. Where she colors on the table top and jumps on her bed. Where she smiles and laughs and twirls in circles.

Sometimes, she even sleeps there.

- Bethany :)

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Anonymous said...

That is so Awesome!!!! Ray is so creative. I wonder what he'll do for Lucy's litterbox? :-)