Monday, March 7, 2011

my girly girl

Any fighting it is useless. My daughter is a complete princess wanna-be. She is insisting to wear tutus daily, always asks for "princess hair" (anything different than just plan ol' down hair), loves getting her toes painted, playing with makeup brushes and wearing necklaces.

So last night, we celebrated her princess-ness.

And dressed her in the girliest, sparkliest dress.

She loved it. She was in her glory.

Her favorite new princess movie is "Cinderella."

Can you tell?!

She "lost" her shoe while running around and playing.

A lot.

She was so proud of her new dress. She kept saying "pretty Lola," which prompted a whole discussion about being pretty and how she can be pretty in her sweatpants, too.

But she sure loves that dress! Watch as she shows it off to her daddy.

And, yes, I did get video of her twirling, too, but it was in the too-dark living room. So I am thankful for the sparkles!

- Bethany :)

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ren Baden said...

Your mom told me to peek at this one... SOOO sweet. Brenna and Lola will have to dance together! We just went to the ballet of The Wizard of Oz--"Out on a Limb" dance company. My friend's daughter was in it and got us tkts in the 2nd row! B sat on the edge of her chair?!!!