Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Lola and I were eating macaroni and cheese yesterday for dinner. I, hungry-all-the-time pregnant woman that I am, was shoveling the food in my mouth as quickly as I could. Ray, the better, more attentive, parent, noticed that Lola was struggling to get the noodles to cooperate and stay on her fork.

Ray, “Lola do you want a spoon instead?”

Lola pauses to think and then whips the fork across the table, “Yeah. Fork sucks.”

Sigh. And here we thought we were doing so much better at watching our language...


In other recent fun Lola-isms...

I was intently interested in tennis last night. And Lola even got to stay up a wee bit later as she watched her first Sampras v. Agassi match. After about 10-15 minutes, she got a little restless. And was literally running circles around the cat and coffee tables. She was being loud and hyper. Great bedtime behavior.

But then I noticed the couch was moving.

So I watched as Lola would climb up on the arm of the couch and then jump face-first into the couch cushions.

Me, a little exasperated, “Lola! What are you doing?”

Lola, grinning, “I Superman!”

Um, as much as I am a rather geeky Superman fan, I can’t recall ever having mentioned Superman in her presence before. This was a surprise.


Also, a few weeks ago, we were driving by some huge sand piles.

Lola asked something that neither Ray nor I could decipher. We tried, but just did not get it.

She kept repeating herself, trying to make herself understood.

“At canno?”


“Hat kay-no?”


“Tat o-ka-no?”


And then, finally, as clear as day, “That a volcano?!”

She is pointing, emphatically, at one of the large sand piles, which did seem to have a flatter-than-usual top.

Again, we can’t think of a single instance in which the Bemidji-ites would have referenced a volcano during conversation or even book-reading. Must be a Dora reference?

- Bethany :)

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