Monday, April 25, 2011

mommy's girl

I swear I was going to wait one more year before getting Lola her first tennis racket.

Really, I was.

But there they were on clearance a couple of weeks ago. And Lola constantly asks me if she can play with my rackets.

So ... yeah. We bought her a Dora racket and some kids' balls.

Then it rained.

And then it snowed.

So now, three weeks later, we actually got around to using them.

She did so well! Seriously, she had more than few misses, of course, but she made contact more often than she struck out.

I tried to teach her like I used to teach my students, by dropping the ball for her, but Miss Independent would have none of that. She had to drop her own ball.

So it was a learning process.

But all in all, for her first time out, she did so well. And she had a blast doing it.

Mommy was so proud (like always).
- Bethany :)


We celebrated Easter yesterday with my dad and grandfather.

Lola was thrilled because it meant she got to wear her "princess dress" out of the house, in public!

Of course, we were quickly reminded that the dress sheds glitter everywhere, including in church pews and on daddies.

Lola did ... OK. She didn't last very long in the chapel. And she had a tough time with the (unfamiliar) adults who kept trying to say hi.

She did much better at my dad's house, where she had a ball finding all of the hidden Easter eggs.

And she really liked opening said eggs and finding many, many M & Ms.

It was a very nice afternoon.

We went home a little earlier than usual, perhaps. But with Ray needing to get ready to get back on the road, we just needed some family time.

And, of course, some spoiling Lola time.

Ms. Princess broke her (cheapo) tiara last week. So it was a good excuse to splurge on a new one ... and some fun jewelry as well. Er, well, the Easter Bunny did the splurging anyway.

We spent the evening basically just playing outside.

And I, personally, spent a good chunk of time laughing with (at?) my husband, who had insisted on not buying a regular ol' kite, but one of the stunt kites.

He never did really get it to fly.

But Lola had a blast nonetheless.

The weekend ended too soon. And Ray was back on the road early again this morning.

Missing him already.

- Bethany :)

Friday, April 22, 2011

one year later

This past Wednesday marked our first complete year in our house.

While we were waiting … and waiting … and waiting to close on our house, I was already trying to sell Ray on the idea of having another child. The house has so much more room, we were financially fairly stable, etc., etc., etc.

Lola, just over 18 months or so, was at an age where she didn’t demand our constant attention and was, well, more and more fun each day.

But Ray, smartly, said we would revisit the baby talk after we were settled in the new house, once we were accustomed to making regular mortgage, utility, cable bills.

Not too long after that, we were in the house, sitting with the three of us around the kitchen table. It was just one of those moments. All three of us were talking and laughing and, well, playing with our food.

Then there was just the slightest little lull. And Ray glanced at the three occupied chairs of the four placed around the table.

“It does feel like someone’s missing,” he conceded.

And that was the beginning of that.

- Bethany :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


It's almost hard to believe, but just two weeks ago, Lola and I were spending every day after work and daycare at the local parks.

Then on Saturday, April 9, we had a family day out at a couple of area parks and took a bunch of cute springtime photos.

We spent the morning at the new park, which has a ton of special games and activities. I like this park because there is a separate toddler play area. Of course, Lola passed that by and headed for the big-kid slides and the bridge.

Then, after nap time, we all packed up and went to the state park, where they do have swings.

Lola officially gave up the "baby" swings and showed off her "pumping" abilities on the big-girl swings.

And then I tried to get a few nice smiley photos.

First attempt: She smiles nicely. And I chop off the right side of her head.

Second attempt (which was probably more like the 11th): Lola is getting tired of me and gives me her "let's get this done with already" fake smile.

Oh well, I tried.

So we let her do what Lola does best: run.


Of course, springtime has been short-lived. The following week (last week) was cold and highlighted (?) by an 8-inch snowfall Saturday. Most of it has melted, but we are back to seeing many standing snowpiles again.

As for the day-to-day life, we are adjusting and surviving. Daycare officially shut down Monday for a few weeks and Ray is still out of town for work during the workweek. We miss him, of course, but we're doing all right.

Lola is getting some special one-on-one time with her Grandpa Al this week. Which means lots of running around, playing a toddler version of lacrosse, reading books and all sorts of fun.

As for Amelia news, nothing new. I am getting more and more tired, but doing OK. I have my next appointment Tuesday (with an ultrasound) so that should be fun-ish.

So that's our life.

Here is hoping for some real springtime weather again soon...
- Bethany :)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

So how was your week?

The good news: Ray started his new job Monday, which will offer us a more secure, better future.

The bad news: It involves a temporary out-of-town training experience.

The good news: We were told it was only going to be Mondays through Thursdays for four weeks.

The bad news: It is now Mondays through Fridays for eight weeks.

The “oh crap” news: I’m due in fewer than ten weeks.

The good news: He gets a work vehicle.

The bad news: He can’t use said vehicle until after the eight-week training period is complete.

The “oh crap” news: We only have one (working) vehicle.


This has been an odd, stressful, emotional week. But it’s now Thursday, we have adjusted. And we’re all surviving.

Monday was a bad day. Tuesday was worse. Wednesday, we scrambled to get everything fixed and in order.

The short version of the story is this: Our Jeep (our main/only vehicle) had some issues Monday while I was driving Ray out of town to the location of his training. Tuesday, we found out that Ray’s work needs him to have his own vehicle operating while in training. Wednesday, we got the Jeep fixed and came up with a plan through which we will, literally, resurrect the dead Ranger so Ray can have a vehicle. It will cost a chunk of money, but also make it sellable for later on this summer.

So, I am no longer hyperventilating. We will be fine. Lola and I, of course, will continue to miss Ray like crazy during the workweek, but it is a temporary situation. And well worth it!

On a more practical, less emotional level, I am so excited that Ray is taking another step up work-wise. This new job is a big change for him and offers many, many opportunities for him, for us, now and into the future.

So, for the time being, bring on the mommy-daughter time!

(Photo taken yesterday, by a friend of mine, while I was unaware and just playing with Lola and the "new" park in town.)

- Bethany :)

Saturday, April 2, 2011


Lola and I were cuddling on the recliner Friday morning, just hanging out and flipping through TV channels. She was sitting on my, but kind of on the right-hand side of my lap. Somehow, at some point, we paused to watch a few seconds of a baby shows, one of those shows during which families bring home their newborn

Lola pointed to my belly at some point and said, "Baby sister still in there?"

The baby isn't very excitable in the mornings. She's like me, she needs her morning coffee to get going. But nonetheless, I put Lola's hand on my stomach, covered it with my own and pressed just lightly enough to get some pressure.

And the baby kicked. (Or punched or squirmed, something like that. Either way, she moved.)

Lola pulled away quickly, "What was that?!"

Ever so concerned.

I told her her baby sister was kicking, just saying hi to her. And Lola thought for a second and then laid back against me, kicking her own legs in the air.

"Baby sister kick like this?"

We laughed and agreed that must have been what she was doing. So I held my hands above Lola's feet while she kicked me and Lola kept her hand on my tummy while the baby kicked her a few more times.

It all lasted maybe 5-7 minutes.

But it left an impression. Ever since, she has been asking constantly about her sister and where her sister will be sitting when we eat, when we drive, when we shop, when we walk. Where she will sleep, where she will play.

We had family movie night last night and Lola climbed up onto the couch, cuddled up next to me, like usual. Then looked at me, waiting for something. I got her water, i got her blanket, I got her a pillow. But she wasn't happy until I laid back against the couch myself and she put her hand on my belly.

"You saying hi to your baby sister?" I asked.

Lola nodded.

And then I asked the question she has never answered...

"What's your baby sister's name?"

And, with a big grin, she responded, "Milly. Baby Milly."

OK, really, the baby's name is Amelia. Amelia Joy. But Lola hasn't quite mastered it yet.

- Bethany :)