Saturday, April 2, 2011


Lola and I were cuddling on the recliner Friday morning, just hanging out and flipping through TV channels. She was sitting on my, but kind of on the right-hand side of my lap. Somehow, at some point, we paused to watch a few seconds of a baby shows, one of those shows during which families bring home their newborn

Lola pointed to my belly at some point and said, "Baby sister still in there?"

The baby isn't very excitable in the mornings. She's like me, she needs her morning coffee to get going. But nonetheless, I put Lola's hand on my stomach, covered it with my own and pressed just lightly enough to get some pressure.

And the baby kicked. (Or punched or squirmed, something like that. Either way, she moved.)

Lola pulled away quickly, "What was that?!"

Ever so concerned.

I told her her baby sister was kicking, just saying hi to her. And Lola thought for a second and then laid back against me, kicking her own legs in the air.

"Baby sister kick like this?"

We laughed and agreed that must have been what she was doing. So I held my hands above Lola's feet while she kicked me and Lola kept her hand on my tummy while the baby kicked her a few more times.

It all lasted maybe 5-7 minutes.

But it left an impression. Ever since, she has been asking constantly about her sister and where her sister will be sitting when we eat, when we drive, when we shop, when we walk. Where she will sleep, where she will play.

We had family movie night last night and Lola climbed up onto the couch, cuddled up next to me, like usual. Then looked at me, waiting for something. I got her water, i got her blanket, I got her a pillow. But she wasn't happy until I laid back against the couch myself and she put her hand on my belly.

"You saying hi to your baby sister?" I asked.

Lola nodded.

And then I asked the question she has never answered...

"What's your baby sister's name?"

And, with a big grin, she responded, "Milly. Baby Milly."

OK, really, the baby's name is Amelia. Amelia Joy. But Lola hasn't quite mastered it yet.

- Bethany :)


mary kay said...

I love that story! She is going to be the best big sister! Absulutely love her name.

grandpa roma said...

Lola and Milly! Awfully cute names.....and a pretty cute big sister too!