Thursday, April 7, 2011

So how was your week?

The good news: Ray started his new job Monday, which will offer us a more secure, better future.

The bad news: It involves a temporary out-of-town training experience.

The good news: We were told it was only going to be Mondays through Thursdays for four weeks.

The bad news: It is now Mondays through Fridays for eight weeks.

The “oh crap” news: I’m due in fewer than ten weeks.

The good news: He gets a work vehicle.

The bad news: He can’t use said vehicle until after the eight-week training period is complete.

The “oh crap” news: We only have one (working) vehicle.


This has been an odd, stressful, emotional week. But it’s now Thursday, we have adjusted. And we’re all surviving.

Monday was a bad day. Tuesday was worse. Wednesday, we scrambled to get everything fixed and in order.

The short version of the story is this: Our Jeep (our main/only vehicle) had some issues Monday while I was driving Ray out of town to the location of his training. Tuesday, we found out that Ray’s work needs him to have his own vehicle operating while in training. Wednesday, we got the Jeep fixed and came up with a plan through which we will, literally, resurrect the dead Ranger so Ray can have a vehicle. It will cost a chunk of money, but also make it sellable for later on this summer.

So, I am no longer hyperventilating. We will be fine. Lola and I, of course, will continue to miss Ray like crazy during the workweek, but it is a temporary situation. And well worth it!

On a more practical, less emotional level, I am so excited that Ray is taking another step up work-wise. This new job is a big change for him and offers many, many opportunities for him, for us, now and into the future.

So, for the time being, bring on the mommy-daughter time!

(Photo taken yesterday, by a friend of mine, while I was unaware and just playing with Lola and the "new" park in town.)

- Bethany :)

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