Wednesday, April 20, 2011


It's almost hard to believe, but just two weeks ago, Lola and I were spending every day after work and daycare at the local parks.

Then on Saturday, April 9, we had a family day out at a couple of area parks and took a bunch of cute springtime photos.

We spent the morning at the new park, which has a ton of special games and activities. I like this park because there is a separate toddler play area. Of course, Lola passed that by and headed for the big-kid slides and the bridge.

Then, after nap time, we all packed up and went to the state park, where they do have swings.

Lola officially gave up the "baby" swings and showed off her "pumping" abilities on the big-girl swings.

And then I tried to get a few nice smiley photos.

First attempt: She smiles nicely. And I chop off the right side of her head.

Second attempt (which was probably more like the 11th): Lola is getting tired of me and gives me her "let's get this done with already" fake smile.

Oh well, I tried.

So we let her do what Lola does best: run.


Of course, springtime has been short-lived. The following week (last week) was cold and highlighted (?) by an 8-inch snowfall Saturday. Most of it has melted, but we are back to seeing many standing snowpiles again.

As for the day-to-day life, we are adjusting and surviving. Daycare officially shut down Monday for a few weeks and Ray is still out of town for work during the workweek. We miss him, of course, but we're doing all right.

Lola is getting some special one-on-one time with her Grandpa Al this week. Which means lots of running around, playing a toddler version of lacrosse, reading books and all sorts of fun.

As for Amelia news, nothing new. I am getting more and more tired, but doing OK. I have my next appointment Tuesday (with an ultrasound) so that should be fun-ish.

So that's our life.

Here is hoping for some real springtime weather again soon...
- Bethany :)

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