Monday, May 23, 2011

Amelia's room

Roughly three years ago, Ray and I laid down in the middle of Lola's completed nursery, held hands and stared up at the sun as we talked about the future.

Last night, Ray and I sat down side by side in Amelia's completed nursery and discussed our revised hopes and dreams.

Amelia's room is complete.

As in finished.

And it is gorgeous.

Not that I am surprised - I have learned in the last three years just how talented my husband can be (Ray does fabulous work) - but getting to this point has been a battle of wills on more than one occasion.

Want a tour?

Meet Mommy and Baby whale. Or, as Lola says, the Mommy and Lola whales. I love them. Of all the murals Ray has done, this is my favorite.

You can't pick up on the subtleties of the shading, thanks to my crappy point-and-shoot, but they are perfect. Absolutely perfect.

My boss kind of arched her eyebrow a little bit this morning, commenting something about the killer whales swimming above the baby's crib.

But I love this image. The baby so close to the mother.

From "A calf begins to swim independently of its mother within days of its birth, although the mother stays close to her calf and attentively directs its movements. The baby swims close to its mother and can be carried in the mother's 'slip stream', a type of hydrodynamic wake that develops as the mother swims. This helps the baby swim with much less energy and keep up with the pod."

To me, that sounds like parenthood: invite the child to swim alone, on its own, but keep her close and within reach. I just love it.

(And besides, the Mommy whale is kind of smiling - I don't think she's scary looking at all.)


The other mural in the room is a hodgepodge of under-the-sea creatures.

This was very time-consuming and if Ray and I did have any battles, it was over the components of this mural.

Of course, as I am learning more and more each year, sometimes it is best to just let Ray do his thing and trust that it will turn out beautifully. It always does.

Here are some close-ups:


For the decor, we just tried to include some under-the-sea touches.

I love the little touches throughout the room. The turtle pillow, for instance, was among a set of three that graced the same shelf in Lola's Northwoods-themed nursery when she was an infant.


* happy sigh *

So we are done.

The nursery is complete. And, I got my hospital bag packed.

Now we just need baby...

- Bethany :)

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