Thursday, May 12, 2011

“Go build your nest somewhere else!”

Ray is getting irritated with me.

I like organizing normally. But I really, really love to be clean and organized when I am pregnant and going through the so-called nesting phase.

Ray hated the last month of my pregnancy with Lola. He said he felt like I was a vacuum cleaner following him around. He would take out a fork and use it. I would wash it and put it away. He would take out a paper towel and set it on the counter and it would be tossed in the garbage before he had a chance to even use it. He would take out a shirt, put it on the bed and then go in to take a shower. When he returned to get dressed, the shirt would, again, be hung up in his closet.

Well, we’re entering that nesting phase again. Except, now, it’s a little more ... um ... pressing perhaps (to me anyway) because we are not as far along with preparedness as we were at this point with Lola.

Yesterday, Lola and I went to “the fishy store” (Walmart) to buy 50 baby hangers. We came home, Ray had made dinner, we ate. And then, after dinner, we all went outside to “play,” which turned into me tearing the Jeep apart to vacuum and clean out the interior. And, of course, asking repeatedly for Ray’s “help” in getting reaching this spot or scrubbing at that mystery substance.

About 45 minutes later, the three of us returned to “the fishy store” to get 40 more baby hangers because I did not want to have another night pass without having all of Amelia’s clothes hung up and organized.

Lola went to bed about 8 p.m. I did some work and some blogging until about 10:30 p.m., when I was going to get back to organizing the nursery some more.

Then, Ray said to wait one minute because he wanted to join me.


I instantly made a mental list of things for him to get done: reassemble the bouncy chair; hang the closet doors; figure out where X, Y and Z should go; help me hang this shelf; and put A, B and C on these higher shelves I can’t reach.

I did say it was 10:30 p.m. right?

Ray could tell that I suddenly had a ton of energy ... and I was unusually giddy.

“Uh, we’re just going in there (Amelia’s room) to talk, right? To hang out?”

I was suddenly feeling a little less giddy. “No, we’re going to work. Right? Like get things put together and set up?”

I was just about to start listing some of the things that we have to get done (the above-mentioned bouncy chair, closet doors, etc.) when I thought better of it. His eyes were narrowing. His forehead was getting that deep, red crease that usually only appears when I start a sentence with, “Guess what I bought…”

So I just smiled. A hopeful smile.

In the end, we did do some work. Like 15-20 minutes worth. Enough that I got the clothes all hung and sorted. And, I got her changing table put together and organized.

Ray put the bouncy chair together and began working on the closet doors, but found he was too tired to have faith in his ability to hang them correctly. And neither of us wanted even more holes in the oak wood.

So we called it a night.

The mirrored closet door was not hung, but was being held in place by some clamp things. It was a good way to end the night. He had just spent the last 10 minutes or so getting the the mirror “up” and in its right spot. Even though it wasn’t actually hung, it would be easy now to actually put it into place tomorrow.

It was progress.

He was happy.

I was ... content.

So, we agreed to call it a night.

Ray turned to reach for his glass of water ... and it wasn’t there.

What can I say, I had gotten thirsty. And it was leaving a wet water ring on the newly washed changing pad sheet.

He turned to look at me with his, “What did you do with my stuff?” glare, when I remembered I thought I would set it on a shelf...

... in the closet behind the mirrored door.

So the night ended with a few choice words and Ray taking down the mirrored door so he could get his stupid water glass.

Oh well. At least the bouncy chair got put together!

- Bethany :)

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