Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Lola van Gogh?

Ray was working late last night so Lola and I decided to color on her chalkboards. She wanted to sit on her table/chairs and that does not really work right now for me. So I took another wall. We were, more or less, sitting back to back.

I thought I would draw some things and let her guess what they were.

So I drew this (quickly, I might add, without the blue chalk):

"That an octopus?" Lola guessed.

I told her it was a sun. She was not convinced and turned back to her own drawings. I think she was trying to remind me that Ray is the artist in our family.

After a minute or two, she turned toward me and announced proudly, "I draw Daddy!"

Now I am as proud as any other mother of her child, but, honestly, the kid rarely draws much else other than circular scribbles and scary-looking triangles.

I was, admittedly, shocked to find this instead:

I was a little stunned. And I think she was trying to help me out a bit as she pointed out, "Daddy has two eyes," she said, showing me where they were, "one nose, one mouth."

I asked her what the big circle was that encircled him.

And she got sad, "Daddy stuck in truck."

She knew her father was "stuck" at work, working a little later than usual, which, to her, means he is driving around in his pickup truck.

She, of course, wanted to erase it right away.

I am so, so glad I thought to grab the camera. You can't really frame chalkboards. But I can capture it on "film" so to speak.

I am glad I did.

When Ray got home a little bit later, Lola proudly showed him what she drew, including this:

(two balloons by her Mickey Mouse ball)

Ray was impressed, too, as was/am I.

I think, though, he was just pleased to see that Lola has inherited at least some genes from him as well as me.

- Bethany :)

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Anonymous said...

When she drew that face for me last weekend with eyes, nose and mouth I was so amazed! And the way she peddles the trike all over the cool! Miss her.