Thursday, May 26, 2011


Yesterday, at my 37-week appointment, I heard my doctor say something I have never heard her say before.

“You’re dilated.”

Woohoo! Not that I am counting on having this baby anytime in the next week or anything, but after 42 weeks of carrying Lola around, I never dilated at all until the day before she was born.

So here I sit, at 1 cm dilated, 50 percent effaced. And I am just happy to be progressing in some way.

My doctor, and I, expect that I will still be around for next week’s appointment.

But one can wonder! She even made a point to tell me no more traveling anywhere (I was cleared for the one-hour drive to and fro my dad’s place this coming weekend) and that if I do “go” this weekend, that she is gone and I would have the on-call doctor. (Which is fine. She didn’t deliver Lola either. I’m not picky.)

So there is, perhaps, a chance that Amelia will have an early entrance…

Not a big chance. And certainly not one I am counting on…

But one can hope…

- Bethany :)

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