Monday, May 2, 2011

tick tock, tick tock

I’m stressing out.

I’m not trying to.

But I am.

The nursery is not done. It is far from done.

And while that is bad enough. Worst, for me, is that I can’t do anything about it. I’m just stuck. Waiting.

And I am not patient.

At all.

We were going to refinish the wood floors, so we were waiting on quotes, etc. But then we found out that won’t work (or at least wouldn’t have been worthwhile). So then we decided, reluctantly, to get carpet. So I had to wait to get the room measured. Now I’m waiting for said carpet to actually be installed (hopefully that will happen this week, but likely not ‘til next week).

Meanwhile, Lola’s new bigger-girl bed (she’s already in a big girl toddler bed) will be here next week (again, hopefully). So we can’t re-convert the toddler bed to a crib until that gets here.

Not that I could put it anywhere, anyway, until the carpet is here.

I just last weekend got a new - functional! - clothes dryer (yay!) so I could begin washing baby clothes – but I don’t have anywhere to put them ... until the carpet is in.

I could start washing bottles and such. But again, I can’t put them anywhere until the carpet is in.

We hung some curtains and played around with furniture arrangements, but it’s all just temporary … until the darned carpet is put in.


I know that, really, I’m stressing about nothing. It’s not a big deal at all. I have at least six weeks (probably eight, realistically) left -- I have plenty of time. Not to mention that she doesn’t really need the nursery done – she will probably just sleep in her bassinet for the first few months in our room anyway – but I want to be able to work on stuff. I want to get things ready.

So what did we do instead this weekend?

Picked out new tiles for redoing the kitchen floors.

- Bethany :)

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