Monday, June 20, 2011


Still here, still waiting.

Anyone surprised?!

Today is my first day home and not working. So far, Lola and I have had a pretty great day. We woke up a little later than usual (yay!) and then she enthusiastically agreed to bathtime, during which she was an angel about getting her hair washed (double yay!) and was rewarded with some makeup time afterward.

Then we went to the hospital to drop off some forms and we had a nice talk about what will be happening this week.

After last week's very nice visit with Ray's parents (who were oh so kind to watch Lola for five days when we didn't have daycare), today, my mother comes into town for a week or so.

So I'm thinking it is pretty much a foregone conclusion that this baby will come via induction on Wednesday. I'm still surprised about it, honestly. But glad the end is in sight.

So for today and tomorrow, I am focusing on Lola, trying to make sure she has a wonderful two days before things change ... in a great way, obviously, but she doesn't know what she's in for this summer and beyond.

Anyhow. No news here.

Happy Monday!
- Bethany :)

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Laurie said...

I will miss you tonight at work! Good luck with all things baby. :)