Monday, June 13, 2011


Yes, today is my due date. No, I don't think the baby is coming today or anytime soon. You never know, though, someday you might check this site and find a baby picture! (Of course, I could have tired of waiting for my own and just posted some random kid's picture.)

That is a quote from myself. I posted that on June 30, 2008, on Lola’s due date.

I have similar thoughts today.

Oh well, at least in roughly 14 hours, I get to have some fun. While I hated being overdue, I always loved to watch people’s faces when they would ask me when I was due.

And I would just smile, “Yesterday.”

(Or, as more time went by, “Last Monday”; “Two weeks ago.”)

Anyhow, today is my due date.

Which means jackpoo. (Except that it’s Grandpa Roma’s birthday – happy birthday!!!)

But on the baby front, nothing is happening here.

But it will. One of these days...

- Bethany :)

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