Thursday, June 9, 2011

twiddling thumbs

We’re just in limbo here, not really progressing further but still anxiously – and impatiently – waiting for Baby.

I let myself get my hopes up a couple of weeks ago, let myself think that maybe this baby won’t come late.

Silly Mommy. The doctor told me yesterday that she fully expects me to go past my due date (Monday) and that she will see me at my next appointment on Wednesday, the 15th.

She told me last week that because I was at least dilated some (to perhaps 1 cm, where I have stayed since week 37), that she would consider inducing at 40 weeks. Which is Monday. So I am hopeful, I guess, that come next Wednesday (when I would be 40 weeks, 2 days), we can talk about setting that up.

This is all too familiar, really. The crabbiness, the uncomfortableness, etc., that came while waiting for Lola.

My last appointment during that pregnancy was on Thursday, July 10, at 41 weeks, 3 days. The induction was set for the Tuesday, July 15, once I would have been past 42 weeks. I would have checked in Monday evening. (Of course, Lola came on her own at 3:45 a.m. Monday, the 14th.)

So, applying the same math: I hope that come this coming Wednesday, my doctor will set up an induction for the Friday (17th) or Monday (20th).

Of course, as long as I’m hopeful, maybe I can just hope she’ll decide to come on her own tonight or tomorrow.

You never know.


This is a tough spot to be in. Just waiting, not knowing. At least when counting down to Christmas or a wedding or a party, you have the date set. With my pregnancies, apparently, I’m always counting down, but I seem to be ending up in negative numbers.

To quote my doctor, from yesterday, "I just don't know why you're not progressing. You must have a very hospitable uterus. Your kids just like to stay put."

Oh well. She can’t stay in there forever…

- Bethany :)

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