Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Amelia's hands

Amelia has always been fascinated by her hands.

She loves to clasp them together and to grab onto anything within reach. I rarely can put her down to sleep these days without having to unclasp her fingers from my tee-shirt.

We had to stop swaddling at like one week old because she was mad that her hands were not available to her. And swaddling without the arms did not do much for her.

Let's not forget that, technically, her umbilical never fell off: She pulled it out.

Amelia also has been trying to hold her own bottle since she was about two weeks old. These days, you almost have to pin her arms down to get her bottle in her mouth - or, more specifically, to keep it there.

She has recently made it quite clear that she wants a pacifier during the day for her naps. But after you put it in her mouth, she immediately rests both her hands on it. And then, inevitable, she gets a finger under it and yanks it out of her mouth.

Yeah, it is adorable. And yet, so, so frustrating. But mostly just adorable...

She will be six weeks old tomorrow and continues to change daily. In the past week, she finally had her first official bath and is now holding her head up for extended periods of time (usually to look at the pictures on the wall - Amelia is obsessed with all of the artwork and photographs in the house).

She is enduring more frequent tummy times, but hates it. She has almost completely outgrown newborn-sized sleepers (due to length) but all newborn-sized pants still fall off her body.

In her ideal world, we would carry her around vertically all of the time and let her sleep on our chests, skin-to-skin. When sleeping, she always sleeps with her face resting on its right cheek (which freaks me out a bit because I do not want her head to get flat on one side).

Just yesterday for the first time, she started mimicking me. I smiled, she smiled. I stuck out my tongue, she stuck out her tongue. Which made me laugh and smile, so she grinned widely at me for several full minutes. It was absolutely a moment I want to remember.

She is a joy. A complete joy.


Lola is doing great as well. She is adjusting to the new family dynamic like a champ. She still gets a teeny bit impatient with me if I cannot get to her immediately because I am busy with the baby.

But she also gets mad if we put Amelia to bed. She loves having her sister around.

The other day, we had a first: I French-braided her hair.

This is notable not just because Lola had her hair done nicely for a change (usually I let it just be wild and crazy curly), but that while I have been able to French braid my own hair for a few decades, I have never before been able to do someone else's hair. My fingers usually get too tangled.

But I did Lola's hair pretty darned well on the first try. (Yeah, I am pretty impressed with myself...)


Anyhow, we are prepping for a fairly huge week.

I am leaving Friday morning with the two girls to spend a week or so in the Twin Cities to see family and friends. I am going alone as Ray has to work.

This will be the first time I have gone "home" since January. Eeks. (Please, Amelia, please do not scream the whole way...) Thus far, she has slept in the car every time it leaves the driveway, but a four-hour trip is a whole lot different than one hour.

Wish us (OK, mostly just me) luck!
- Bethany :)

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Anonymous said...


Great job on the hair. It reminds me of countless times I braided your hair for tennis! I can't wait to see you guys! One of these days we'll have to coordinate our trips to the Twin Cities!

Give the girls hugs and kisses for me!