Friday, August 26, 2011

sisters forever

Millie this week has decided that sleep is optional during the day. She is not necessarily crying - she just will not sleep.

Usually, I battle against her as I try, over and over and over and over again, to get her to fall asleep. Today, though, I was tired of fighting her. So I decided to wear her out to the point of completely exhaustion while taking some pictures of the girls together.

Lola loves her baby sister. Her whole face lit up when I said she could hold Amelia so Mommy could take some pictures. She even let me brush her hair without complaining as we got ready.

The other night Lola started crying at bedtime. She was incomprehensible through her wails. Just as we were about to just put her in bed and let her be, she managed to put a few words together, "I did not kiss Millie g'night!" We, then, of course, let her do so. And she went to bed happily.


On another topic, I continue to compare their baby pictures...





Just a fun game I guess. Hard to take it very seriously, though, since my current camera is, well, crappy. It screws up the color all of the time when we are indoors.

Have a great weekend. We, again, are headed south to see family. This time, though, Ray is going to be in the car, too, so I am less stressed about it.

It should be a fun time.
- Bethany :)

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