Thursday, August 18, 2011


Now that Amelia is getting older, she is staying awake for about an hour after each feed, or for about 75 minutes every three hours (during the day). Which means we are having more "real" playtime.

And Lola is loving it as much fun, if not more than, Millie herself.

She loves being around her baby sister. And Millie, too, seems to be excited and very interested when Lola is around.

Watching the sisters relationship develop is amazing. Parenthood the second time around has been wonderful, due in large part to Millie's easygoing and happy disposition of course, but also because I get to see and experience it through a three-year-old's eyes.

Every bottle feed is interesting. When I successfully burp the baby, Lola is mesmerized. Changing her diaper is a family event. And picking out Amelia's clothes for the day becomes a fifteen-minute debate.

"How about this one?" I suggest, holding out a simple yellow onesie.

Lola wrinkles her nose, "How 'bout a princess dress?" she asks, pointing at the frilly, ruffled dresses.

"How 'bout this one?" I indicate a pink onesie. "It is pink..."

"How 'bout a princess dress," Lola counters, getting more and more insistent about the fancy infant dresses.

Somehow, I always seem to lose these debates.

Meanwhile, Amelia waiting patiently, staring from her crib at the whales on her wall. Her favorite part of the house.

So, in short, we're not up to much this week. Relaxing at home.

(Yeah, we have cute kids.)

- Bethany :)

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