Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What a week!

I am not even going to try to detail our trip the Cities. It was an amazingly fun-filled and busy time. We went to two birthday parties, the Mall of America, the Minnesota Zoo and the Children's Museum. Not to mention two malls and countless little side trips (such as Lola's first "real" haircut!). We had tons of time with family, and it was especially fun to see Lola play with her cousins.

The time flew by. We all had a blast. But we also missed Ray a lot.

Of course, the trip was made easier on me as my two girls were absolute angels in the car. I mean, really. It was more than I could have hoped for, since I was driving alone. Amelia fussed a few times - she never cried - and they both more or less slept the whole way there and back.

Here is a hodgepodge of pictures from our trip in no particular order:

To say the least, it was a very memorable trip.
- Bethany :)

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Anonymous said...

It was a fabulous time! Just looking at the pics makes me smile huge all over again! I am a very lucky Grandma. Labor Day does seem far away though...