Saturday, September 24, 2011

Disappointments and joys

You know those weeks? When nothing seems to go right? Yeah, we just had one of those. Which capped off a difficult September.

But one of the (many) nice things about kids is that you get so focused on them and their needs that they can distract you from anything. And with the distraction comes so much joy. (The downside is they go to bed at 8 p.m., at which point the house gets eerily quiet. And your mind instantly reverts to focusing on your troubles.)

Anyhow, I had Friday off. I sent my sweet Millie to daycare so Lola and I could have a special Mommy and Lola Fun Day. She has been fabulous the past three months with the new baby, but I figured she was due for some one-on-one time. And, well, with this being Bemidji, winter is like days away (seriously, I know people who already plastic-wrapped their windows).

So we both took the day off. The motto for the day was "whatever Lola wants to do, we will do" (within reason of course).

Big surprise: She chose to go the park. We went to the "big park" where she played on the swings and climbed on the slides for hours. And, as a special surprise, I packed up her bike in the Jeep so she was able to take her first-ever bike ride on a bike/park trail. She was so proud.

We stayed at the park for like two hours. It was chilly-ish, but so fun.

Then, I had to make a quit stop at the fire hall to get a few things for work. Now, based on previous visits, I was not thinking this would go well. But I figured I could be in and out in three minutes. So, of course, she takes the opportunity to remind me, yet again, that she's growing up.

We left, got two feet out the door and she looked back sadly, "I didn't see fire trucks."

Uh, you want to see the trucks? They usually scare the bejeesus out of her.

But she nodded, hopefully.

Fortunately, the guys see me every day for work, so they didn't care if we just popped back there "for a quick minute" to check out the trucks. One by one we examined each truck. She was so interested. Of course, I am still smart enough to not ask them to run the sirens. The quiet, sereneness of the fire hall that day was a blessing.

After that, it was off to McDonalds for her special treat. She got a little McD gift from daycare this week for staying completely dry and pull-up free (no more pull-ups at naptime!).

We have two McD in town. the "small one" (with a smaller toddler-friendly-sized play area) and the "big one" with huge platforms to climb and large, spiral slides. We don't go to the big one because Lola gets frustrated when she can't reach and climb the platforms.

But she insisted.

So we went.

And she climbed all over the place like a monkey.

She loved it.

It was a wonderful day.

I can't believe how big she is getting every day.


- Bethany :)

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