Tuesday, September 6, 2011

God bless Amelia

Amelia Joy was baptised Sunday morning.

Despite the chaos and problems from last week, it turned out beautifully. Ray's mom made the baptismal gown for Lola before she was born and I love that we are able to pass it down between our girls.

Amelia was the perfect baby, as always. She smiled when the pastor baptised her and then more or less slept through the rest of the service.

Ray was in pain but he battled through it.

Following the service, we had a get-together at our house. I think everyone had a great time visiting with family and watching all of the kids play in the yard and with one another. I know I did.

It was an exhausting week, but Sunday itself was a fabulous day.


In other Wesley news, we finally got my dream couch!

I have been wanting a sectional since we got the house. Our other two couches were comfortable but in really bad shape. A new couch, though, was never in the budget. Until Ray, with his back problems, broke the recliner. We bought the couch the next day.

I love it.
It has required some adjustments for Lola, though, who is used to drinking and eating on the couches, not to mention, er, jumping on them.

She has found a new outlet for her energy, though...


Well, this is my last week "home" with the girls. Hard to believe 12 weeks is up already! I am excited to go back to work, but I am going to miss my girls like crazy.

- Bethany :)

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