Thursday, September 29, 2011

A new normal

I would be a terrible single mother. Terrible.

I not only rely on Ray’s help, but I need it. We have very distinct parenting roles – he is the fun, “rough” parent; I like activities that are quiet and more learning-faced  -  and we tag-team very well. He plays and entertains the kids while I clean house. I play with them while he is making dinner. It might have taken us three years, but we had our patterns and schedules perfected.

Not anymore.

Ray’s new work project has him working constantly. Sunrise to sunset and beyond. Six days a week, and soon, seven days a week.

I am trying to get used to a new normal and learning to break out of my comfort zone.

With a 3-year-old and a 3-month-old, I tend to want to just stay in the comfort of my own home.

But that doesn’t help my girls, who need to get out and see the world.

So, this past Tuesday, I pledged to bring my  kids to the nearby ski hill to explore the area, take some covered wagon rides, and, at my older daughter’s urging, climb a ridiculously tall (and steep) hill.

What an evening!



I was nervous about how I would handle both girls on my own. Lola was super excited to go and I was concerned that Millie would hate it and scream her head off the whole time.

I should know better.

She didn't make a peep, just stared at everyone and everything.
So, for our first girls night out, it went fantastically.

 - Bethany :)

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