Monday, September 26, 2011

so different

Amelia is just barely three months old and she, already, is so very different from her sister. She is more calm, easygoing and relaxed. She rarely cries, unless you put her down to sleep. She loves to kick, squirm and coo. And she adores having "conversations" with you.

Yesterday, we found she has a new favorite pastime. She woke up early from her nap, just after the first quarter of the Vikings game. I laid her down on the floor in the living room to play with her and she ignored me. I mean, she had no interest in me whatsoever.

Never before has she taken an interest in the television, but when football was on TV, she was glued to the screen. She cried out when Ray paused the game. And smiled when he turned it back on.

She seemed to know who she was supposed to be rooting for, too.

First-half shots:

Second-half shots:

And overtime...

Her father wasn't very happy either...


In case I haven't written about it before, I should. Amelia's hair cracks me up. She was born with a fair amount of dark hair, and while it has lightened a little bit since then, it remains darker than Lola's was at this time (same story with her eyes).

But her hair refuses to stay flat. It sticks straight up not matter how I comb it.

I don't know if that means she is going to have curls as it gets longer ... or just difficult hair.

But it is long enough to put in a bow - just too thin for the bow to stay put.

It makes me smile.

As you might have seen, we ended up buying a new rug for under the new couch.

I love our wood floors. But they are not exactly kid-friendly. Especially not baby-friendly. 

I love that Millie can hang out with us more in the living room now. She still hates tummy time, but, hopefully, at some point in the future, she will start trying to move around a bit. 

And, hey, the rug looks nice too.  (We just have to do something about those boring walls...)

Oh Lola...

She is such a girly girl...

Forget timeouts. The most effective way to get her to listen?
"Lola," you say calmly. "If you don't (insert appropriate request here), you're going to have to take off your princess dress and put on pants."

Instant cooperation.

- Bethany :)

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Anonymous said...

hehehe..just absolutely stunning! Love that look in Amelia's eyes...saying ..just you guys wait!