Friday, October 21, 2011

working mom blues

This is the first time I think that I have really struggled with being a working mom.

I never had many problems adjusting to being a working mom when I had just Lola at home. Sure, I missed her, but it was manageable. I enjoyed working knowing that, at night, she got one-on-one time with Ray while I was covering the occasional meetings.

But then Millie came, Ray started working a great job but is working a lot more hours, and my covering night meetings means that the girls have a babysitter twice, if not three, times a work week.

Being a working mom now is so much harder.

Honestly, it sucks. And I'm struggling a bit lately. (OK, I'm struggling a lot lately.)

And I hate being crabby.

Anyhow, when we do have those rare family days, we try to have as much fun as we can.
Like going to Itasca State Park for the day. Even if it is super windy and super cold.

 It was Lola's second time biking on a trail, but this trail had actual hills. She did great!

Until she got too tired. And we were thankful, again, that we brought the double stroller.

It was pretty cold, but we all loved being outside.


The day before, we did some raking. OK, really, Ray did the raking, Lola did the playing and I did the shooting. (There is something about raking, I just really really hate doing it.)

We also had to "winterize" the lawn. We didn't get to it quickly enough last year and we got snow too quickly. So this year we are planning ahead. We took in the hose and the planters and dissembled Lola's outdoor house and took off the roof on her playground.

Meanwhile, she got to play.

Then, just 'cuz I was having some camera fun...

I took some pics inside, too.

We've had some great times at home lately - I just wish that they were a little more frequent.

- Bethany :)

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Anonymous said...

Love all the smiles and happy times! But, am sad that you are so unhappy. I wish I had some answers for you. Love you