Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

Today is Thanksgiving – and it has been a pretty happy day. First of all, it was my day to sleep in (‘til 9 a.m., woohoo!) and I woke up to fresh waffles (which I, sadly, passed on).

Lola, for the first time, was exposed to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. She loved the Rockettes and the "Priscilla Queen of the Desert show," but she did not under the Spiderman musical (and, quite frankly, her parents failed, too, to understand why there were nine Spidermans on the stage at the end). She loved the balloons – although I couldn’t adequately explain to her who Sonic the Hedgehog was and she kept asking what was wrong with the wimpy kid: "What happened to him, Mommy?"-  and she loved watching the Sesame Street float go by.

She proclaimed that she, too, someday, is going to ride atop a giant turkey in the parade when she gets bigger.

It was a fun morning.

But then I left for work.

I don’t mind working Thanksgiving. It isn’t a joy, but we usually stay local anyway. I volunteered one year so my (former) boss could cook for her visiting family members and it just kinda’ because a yearly habit.

I do mind, however, that I am not having turkey today. My first Thanksgiving ever without turkey. My husband, bless him, is home with both girls and decided that it would just be too much work making the full meal on his own while also caring for our daughters. Which I understand completely. But I can still be a little crabby about it.

We have much to be thankful for this year, most obviously our two daughters. They bring us such joy (and, well, an occasional headache).

I don’t think I can ever adequately describe how incredibly different they are. 

Whereas everything Lola does is at 150 percent (seriously you should hear her shriek when she simply stubs a toe) Amelia is so laid-back. And always happy. For the first time now, she is taking an interest in her toys. Yesterday, she had hold of one when Lola came and yanked it right out of her hands. Millie just looked at her and grinned. Lola, when ordered, gave her back the toy and apologized, but I think if she could talk, Millie would have just shrugged and told her to keep it.

So what have we been up to?

We continue to struggle with Millie on eating solid food.

I bribed Lola into getting her second-ever professional haircut (just a bangs trim):

What did I bribe her with? Candy? A toy? New book?

Uh no, I promised to take her inside the attached grocery store so she could push around the little kid shopping cart. She loves this store. Asks to go inside every time we drive by, but we never seem to have time. So we had a mommy-and-Lola morning at the grocery store.

Fun times.

Happy Thanksgiving.
- Bethany :)

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