Tuesday, January 3, 2012

looking ahead

Ray and I, while packing up Christmas decorations last week, began wondering about what our lives will be like when we take them all out again next winter.

Do you ever expect your life to be what it is eleven months later?

Ray and I took out our Christmas d├ęcor in 2006 while we were living in our apartment in the Cities, still playing our thrice-a-week poker games and not really planning much for the future at all. We’d vaguely discuss dreams, but certainly were not committed to taking actions to make them happen.

Twelve months (roughly) later, that Christmas gear was unpacked in our new lakeside apartment in Bemidji, a kind of spur-of-the-moment life-changing decision that we just decided to try out. Even more surprising, I was (not accidentally) pregnant.

For our next Christmas, in 2008, we had a 5-month-old little girl. A bright-eyed, enthusiastic and very intense little Lola.

In 2009, we again celebrated Christmas in that apartment, this time with a very mobile and energetic 17-month-old.

Last year, we had our first Christmas in our house. We no longer had our geckos. And instead we had a cat. And, again, I was pregnant (but a little nervous, too, thanks to the early miscarriage that August).

This year, we celebrated the holidays in our house with our two beautiful, sweet daughters. And the cat.

Where will be at this time next year? Happily chugging along with a 4-year-old and 18-month-old? This is what I expect, what I hope. I don’t foresee any big changes. Our family is complete (or so we believe); I don’t foresee us moving or making any huge life changes. Perhaps we'll get a dog. Or a hamster. Hopefully, a new bathroom.

But I still us all together, happy, hopefully a bit thinner.

But I don’t see any major life changes.

Will I be wrong?

- Bethany :)

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