Thursday, January 26, 2012

my smurfette

Sunday was one of those days I never, ever want to forget.

Millie went down for her morning nap super easily and on schedule, which gave Lola and me a whole bunch of one-on-one time. And we so needed a good together. January has been plauged by sickness, lack of sleep, crabbiness and more sickness. But, finally, on that day, I felt like me again.

So I readily agreed to do whatever Lola wanted to do.

Her request was immediate, "Can I paint?"

Of course you can.

It started off normally enough...

But Lola's smart enough to know when Mommy's in a good mood. So she asked if she could paint her hands and do some finger-painting.

Of course you can.

We did that for a few minutes, mixing my hand prints with hers and playing around with colors.

Then, I decided to up the ante a bit...

Which led to this...

Which led to this...

I love the keepsakes, yes (which have since become the first pieces of Lola's artwork on which she actually signed her own name).

But it's more than that. Every time I see them, I can still hear Lola's giggles and shrieks as the paintbrush ran along the bottom of her feet and between her toes.

She's like me - super sensitive and super ticklish. At one point, she couldn't tolerate it anymore and jerked her foot away, leaving a footprint on the leg of the kitchen table.

Those giggles.


We were laughing so hard together by the end that I was wiping tears.

"Mommy, can we do that again?"

Of course you can.

- Bethany :)

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Anonymous said...

Best story ever! Makes me smile thinking about it. Can't wait to see you!